February Monthly Summary

Team Updates #41: February Monthly Summary

New Listing: Folgory
Today, we are pleased to announce Peercoin has been listed on Folgory in BTC, EUR, and USDT pairs! Check out the trade links below:

Trade links:

Peercoin v0.8.5 Released
This month, Peercoin v0.8.5 was released and updating is advised.

  • Bugfixes and polish
  • Qt wallet now asks for password immediately after the app is opened

You can find the new release here: Release Release v0.8.5.1 · peercoin/peercoin · GitHub

Thread: Peercoin v0.8.5 Released

Peercoin Roadmap for 2020 Released
The roadmap for 2020 has been released! You can see the nifty graphic below and read more about the specifics in the thread below.

Thread: Peercoin Roadmap for 2020

The Peercoin v0.9 Development Cycle has Started
The development cycle for v0.9 has begun! As such, these changes will first be implemented on testnet, so any community members who can help us mine testnet blocks are much appreciated!


The testnet pool is at: http://explorer.peercoin.net:3333

Thread: Peercoin v0.9 development cycle has been started

Peercoin Primer #5: Mission
Chronos’ Peercoin Primer series has been completed and the final video is out! Check it out and let us know what you think of the series overall! Chronos has been a fantastic long-time supporter of Peercoin and the community so we are very thankful for his work and look forward to working with him again in the future!

Peercoin Debian Repository Has Been Moved
You can now find Peercoin Debian files on Github. A link can be found below:

GitHub link: GitHub - peercoin/deb-repo: Peercoin apt reposititory serving Debian stable packages

That’s all for this monthly update. As always, if you want to hang out with the community, come say hello on our Discord/Telegram. See you guys next time!