Team Updates #40: Peercoin v0.8.5 Released

Team Updates #40: Peercoin v0.8.5 Released

Another maintenance release, updating is advised.


  • Bugfixes and polish
  • Qt wallet now asks for password immediately after the app is opened

You can find the new release here:




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Very nice. :clap: I like that the password feature has been added at start up.

When can we expect the linux bionic .deb to come out?

Backpacker told me .deb files will be built tomorrow based on what his computer says.

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People should really upgrade to this version so OP_RETURN up to 256 bytes can be relayed between the nodes.

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I’ll try to do them by the Friday.

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New hardfork? :astonished: :astonished: :astonished:

No, @Buckkets made a mistake. I’ve sent him to take a nap now.

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I did not see a Raspbian Stretch .deb package, is the upgrade available for Raspberry Pi users?

There is a new debian repo here:

You need stretch specifically?

Just looking to update my StakeBox, not sure what the best route would be. Currently running Raspian Stretch on it.

On that link, should I be running the APT repository in terminal to update?

Ah yes Stakebox is on stretch.
Can you try to update it to Buster?

Just make backup of the wallet.dat before just in case.