Peercoin v0.9 development cycle has been started

Testnet will be forked today, join the testing process.


As we are changing some PoW things, we need to mine some blocks.

Pool is at:

./cgminer -o stratum+tcp:// -u TESTNET_ADDRESS -p PASSWORD

please update your testnet nodes and mint, we need to increase trust of our chain above old version or I’ll have to issue checkpoint :cowboy_hat_face:

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published rc1 binaries on our github

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Please add a warning to not run it on mainnet.

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testnet explorer at has been updated to new version and resynchronised.


in case you ended up on the wrong fork, you might have to

invalidateblock 0000000ee36ac875c4c4314e5963a5670b3a3f047cb1d5348bd01eea891890cd

and add to the list of your nodes

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RC2 is out.

everyone running testnet node needs to update to rc3. if you were running older version when we have forked, you’ll need to run:

reconsiderblock 65dba9802cb911397d179956db9ccbe79d195823e616c0492090336ba95533dd


I’m excited for v0.9 :tada:

airdrop wallet 0200.pdf (296.3 KB)

RC4 has been released today:

We need testing on arm hardware like Raspberry Pi.

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