Wall Observer - The PPC Price Speculation Thread


Why not buy at the current value of $4? Considering the many benefits, qualities as well as developments in the works for Peercoin for the very near future, wouldn’t you say $4 is technically still a very low number? Sure it must look good for those who purchased thousands worth at $0.25 cents but for anybody else, or even everybody included, is $4 where you would draw the line? Keep in mind there where those who hesitated to purchase options such as Litecoin and Ethereum when they where growing price value but still low when you consider their trading value today; $10, $20, $30, $50, $100…

Additionally, Peercoin is ranked 92 amongst the token and coin listing on coinmarketcap.com, that should place it on the first page.

To be a little more precise it currently finds itself ranked at 52 when looking at the coins only listing.

Personally whether at $5, $10 or $100 a PPC, ‘ideally’ Peercoin will continue to be my preferred decentralized peer-to-peer savings account of choice and I’d still continue to buy PPC or receive PPC as preferred method of payment. :wink:


@cisco I’d love to buy some ppc @ $4. I used to trade ppc/usd on btc-e years ago. However, I can’t decide which of the current exchanges that offer ppc I would trust with my KYC information. WEX is off limits to me.


it all depends on merchant adoption, and marketing.–agree with you, but should add more condition-good development team–which is PPC currently having, and only…


Amazing gains today, hit $5 during the day, came back after seeing the new Star Wars film (loved it!) and its at $5.90…


Haven’t seen it yet, but is there a reason why the audience score is 57% on rottentomatoes?


Yes indeed! I scrolled through twitter to see what @PeercoinMarket was tweeting and saw this…

Very significant gains in light of the current energy within the dev team and community as well as people becoming aware of the energy consumption topic in question in regards to PoW.

Personally, the PPC is still very undervalued but I think we have reached a marker that is indicative of new ATH to come soon.



According to prediction of this website:https://walletinvestor.com/forecast/peercoin-prediction, peercoin price will be $4~$7 in the next 5 years.


that looks like an auto generated text, not much in-depth analysis imo


We would have to screw up badly for that to hold true. :grin:


I’d be interested in how their predictions from the past have held up for PPC, but I can’t because their robots.txt specifically prohibits crawling by the wayback machine, lol. Having a history of your predictions, especially when those predictions don’t pan out, can be detrimental to your rep.

I personally don’t give a damn about the predictions, I am here because I believe in the freedom and liberty potential of crypto, and I am in PPC specifically because of the merits of Proof of Stake. I don’t disparage those who are in/out of crypto/fiat, to each his own, but for me it’s all about building the PPC community for long-term stability.


BTC 2013-11, $1000;2018-1, $15000.
LTC 2013-11, $48; 2018-1, $250.
XRP(Ripple) 2013-11,0.0000068BTC; 2018-1,0.00018BTC.
PPC 2013-11, $7; 2018-1, $5.5


BTC 2013-6, $100, ~150x change
LTC 2013-6, $2, ~125x change
PPC 2013-6, $0.1, ~50x change


Those charts can explain better:





This morning Peercoin reached a new ATH market cap of $168,945,859, congratulations to everyone to what I expect to be one of many more ATH to come throughout the year. Below is a screenshot of the tweet I put out.


I don’t think this is correct. I clearly remember it being over $8 on coinmarketcap back in 2013-14. I’m just not sure how much above that it hit. Can anyone else verify?


If I go onto the CMC chart and zoom up on November 30, 2013 14:01:14 UTC the price is at $8.99 with a market cap of $187,363,133 USD.


Wow, in that case I retract that statement. I scrolled the graph on my phone on CMC but it showed me a lower number.

Thanks for the correction Sentinelrv.

Guess I jumped the gun on that one. I’ll remove the tweet right now.



Peercoin price is surging right now. Over $8.00 with a nearly $200M market cap via Coinmarketcap. Over $10.00 on the HitBtc exchange.


Think you can retweet it now…


Been waiting damn near 5 years for this maximum. What exactly has pushed this surge? Not sure based on reading.