Wall Observer - The PPC Price Speculation Thread


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Well now that it is official I retweeted from the official @PeercoinPPC twitter…

Additionally, just to cite my numbers, I did not tweet this but I’d include a screenshot here for all to see.

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Even if this is just a mini pump, if PPC stabilized around the $8.00 range and continued it’s market cap increase towards $250M, that would be a fantastic step in the right direction! Talk about positive advertising.


A user on the peercoin reddit board, bluemooncrust8, said the following:

I’ve been around for rather long, and can tell you this [the January 30% crypto fall] was just a correction. A correction long needed, and with it now in place I am ready to see some consolidation and then I will be MUCH more bullish for 2018. If we hadn’t had a correction now, I’d be guessing we’d enter the last stages of the bubble, see BTC hit perhaps 50k VERY soon, and then a crash back to 2-3k.

This is not my view of the present price levels. To me, the present bubble has already hit a peak with $20,000 for bitcoin, and $8-10 for Peercoin. I think demand (and therefore prices) will decline from this point to, say, $1000 BTC and <$1 peercoin - whereupon it will find a floor for the next bubble, which will be bigger than the present one.

But bluemooncrust8 says that we’re still halfway through the present bubble. Any views on this divergence of opinion?

(I mean to ask him for more reasoning, but need to set up a Reddit account first).


Having a new bottom forming at around $5,50 would be a good start for now.

No one really knows. With only a few percentage of people involve in crypto there is a good chance on further growth of the market as a whole despite or maybe thanks to looming regulations.
With ongoing investments in community, core team and wallet/product development Peercoin should flourish in that market and $10 is a realistic objective for this year I believe.
The main threat is that the competition will also get fiercer when the market grows.

Just my 0.02 PPC


I’m gonna go out on a limb and say $20 for 2018.


I have left a message for bluemooncrust8, to ask if he (she) will share his reasoning.

In early 2014, not long after bitcoin hit $1,000, I attended a meetup in London, two hundred people present. The speaker, a Greek fellow (Gavin Anderson?) was asked his price prediction. He said he would not predict the future price, but added, to roars of approval, that bitcoin could never go beneath $1,000 again.

We all believed him … but, of course, it did - back to $250, where it stayed for what seemed like forever.

I feel the same atmosphere now. Unbridled optimism and excitement. So, I’m going to predict a long, drawn out bear market to January 2017 prices.


Here, for interest, is bluemooncrust8’s reply:


What will really happen in 2018 is anyone’s guess. You have TA [technical analysis] and fundamentals, and then you have external factors such as governments and regulations. So we could go both ways, seeing a terrible bear market, or a bull market.

I base my assumptions on that we’re only halfway through the bubble and we’ll see a peak at roughly 40-50k in 2018 before a crash purely on pulling numbers out of my ass. I know from being in crypto since 2012 that there are always these cycles as you say, periods where bitcoin (and now altcoins and ICO’s) goes absolutely hyperbolic, and even you grandma is asking you about how to buy bitcoin. We are clearly there right now, and have been at this bubble/mania phase for quite some time.

I also know from experience that we all in the market know we’re in a bubble right now, and we all have our guesses at where it’s gonna peak and where it’ll crash down to again. And most of us are assuming that there’s going to be multiple bubbles/crashes for years to come, just like there has been the past years ever since BTC was created.

The only thing I am 100% certain of, is that the crash ALWAYS happens at amounts I expect the least. I remember the last MtGox/China bubble, where we went from what, around $85 to $1000 and a tad more. Back then 1k was the big number we had to crush, and it looked like with 1k broken the whole community saw 2k, 5k and 10k being the next levels…and BAM the crash happened when we all expected it the least.

I think this will happen again, everybody agreed 5k in 2017, and later 10k was the big levels. And we touched 20k, and it looks to me like that’s a big correction now, but it’s a bear trap and not a bull trap we’re seeing right now. the typical shape and phases of bubbles

But you could be right, perhaps 20k was the peak for this round, and we’re now in a giant bull trap and soon the market will tilt down towards 1k.

Personally it doesn’t matter that much to me if it’s a bear trap or a bull trap. Prices will recover, and I’m a long term investor, and I am still confident about where the price of Peercoin will be in 5-10 years which is what matters to me. So Bitcoin crashing down to 1k in 2018 doesn’t bother me much, it’s just a minor nuisance.


Until a few days ago, I had half a bitcoin. I decided to buy PPC/XPC with it, naturally

What convinced me to do so is that the PPC price is 0.00026. If one looks at the historical BTC/PPC price on the graph at coinmarketcap (in orange), PPC is at its lowest price in terms of bitcoin:

So, this is a bullish sign for PPC in terms of BTC, if not yet in dollars.


Unfortunately, invest in PPC will be the big failure comparing investing in BTC, LTC,ETH, I am sure!


Perhaps, but very roughly speaking, in 2016/2017, bitcoin increased 10 times, litecoin 100 times, and ethereum 1,000 times - which means litecoin and ethereum performed very well against bitcoin

Peercoin, meanwhile, blipped and has gone back to near its historic low in bitcoin terms - which suggests, maybe, that now is a good time to buy peercoin (with bitcoin).

Unless litecoin and ethereum remain where they are, they are likely to lose value to bitcoin over the course of the bear market. Peercoin may yet sink further still against bitcoin but, in historical terms, it is already near the bottom.


Max Keiser has made the following tweet:

“Bitcoin climbing a wall of worry right now. Conviction is low. Conditions are right for a new ATH”

It does feel very choppy out there …


Yes, Max Keiser is renowned financial expert and licensed financial advisor.


It’s not a question of finance, but herd/crowd behaviour.


Hi guys been a long time since I’ve posted on this forum, hopefully something is brewing for peercoin prices.

Felt compelled to post about the primecoin pump as I sold out all my crypto holdings and put it into peercoin as some people join the dots, looks like the primecoin thing is a bit scammy but good news for holders obviously, is their somewhere to discuss primecoin the old peercointalk used to have a primecoin section.

Never understood why primecoin has these crazy pumps when peercoin has the active development, feels like Peercoin never gets into 2nd gear but I’m a stubborn holder.

I feel the narrative is too good and can’t be ignored forever, maybe this is the year.


There is a Primecoin board here…



Peercoin price appears to be under pressure from the debaco at Wex.nz formally btc-e.

I withdrew my coins today without issue, no problem for me as I held PPC tokens that were fully redeemed about a week ago.

I think whats happening, the price premium has shifted to PPC as withdrawals still work but then people are selling onto other exchanges at depressed prices like Bittrex or Hitbtc, around 19-20 about a week ago typical price was 25-30.

Might be a good time to stock up but then I fully expect Bitcoin to crash and drag everything down with it, who knows.


I hope you guys are taking advantage of these low prices! :grinning:


It seems to be forgotten in a corner of history. Few people pay attention to our project.The bear market may take a long time to end.Why are we not recognized by some big organizations?Or do we really have some big problem that nobody knows?:disappointed_relieved:


@diandianbi don’t let the price get you down. Buckkets has been doing good writing articles and expanding our documentation. We’ve been making progress on our new website. We’re about to release a new fork and are in the process of getting our code caught up where it should be. The foundation has allowed the team to make greater strides. I think things are going well for us, but it will take a while before we’re recognized for it. I’m personally taking the low price as an opportunity and I hope it lasts for a while. We’ve been in this situation multiple times, so it’s not that big of a deal to me anymore. We’ll get out of it with time and continued effort.