Wall Observer - The PPC Price Speculation Thread


PPC back to be a real bargain again. Under $2 and probably finding bottom now. And BTC dominance at 49%. Interesting times. Summer Holidays maybe?


Price has been stagnant at around US$1.26 for quite some time now and doesn’t seem to have kept pace with the rise of other cryptocurrencies, particularly since the price rise of Bitcoin in the last couple of weeks.

Might be a good time to buy some of the cheap PPC going on some of the exchanges as I can’t see it remaining this cheap for so long.


everyone is waiting for an execuse.


Someone said, “Few people uses PPC and trade with PPC now, like the old coin- feather coin, it will be delisted by WEX-the new btc-e, good lucky guys.”


Similar to the old mantra “the death of bitcoin”, this has been said many times.


Tide is going out now. The funny things with tides is that they always come back though :wink:


Until Wex repay all the PPC tokens, PPC will stay listed there. Which means several years at least. (I hope!)


It is silly to presume Wex would delist Peercoin.


I’ve noticed in the last week and a bit that there has been a slow growth in the price, which is sitting at $AU2.08, compared to $AU1.60 a few weeks ago. Will be interesting to see if it’s going to keep sustaining itself or level out, though I feel the former will more likely happen.


Over $3 and back on the first page of Coinmarketcap.


44 on this more comprehensive list https://www.coingecko.com/en


Beautiful price rise today. Congrats to the community.

I’ve recently been working on updating the video thumbnails for the original Peercoin website videos, and put the PPC playlist on the front page of the Chronos Crypto channel. Hope it’s giving the coin some good publicity! :slight_smile:

Here’s the channel: https://youtube.com/chronoscrypto

Here’s the playlist:


Really enjoyed watching this Chronos. I think a new video updating this all would be very welcome. I would include your views on BTC vs PPC long term sustainability from a 2017/18 perspective…


I would also share the video on our main channel if @Chronos did this. It would be great to have someone producing regular video content for us. The team are happy to answer any questions if he is interested. Just PM or direct message us on peercoin.chat.


BTC 2013-11, $1000;2017-12, $16000.
LTC 2013-11, $48; 2017-12, $148.
PPC 2013-11, $7; 2017-12, $3.2


I don’t think these numbers say much in respect to how they are presented. Simply putting them out like that one may assume that Peercoin has been on a slow downward trend since 2013 which is not the case. I think this chart from http://coinmarketcap.com does more justice.

If you really want to compare Peercoin with other coins, whip up their charts and go for it but doing so will disregard the fact that Peercoin has its own unique properties, simply pointing out numbers will not highlight these facts, nor will it do it justice when taking several key things into consideration. That is if you wanted to speculate where the price is heading in the future. Just looking above it is clear that the last year Peercoin went from a trading value of $0.25 to steady upwards trend up to the $3+ that it is trading today.

Now when we take into consideration the recent developments, take a look at the last month as shown below and it will show that there has been a pretty positive reaction to what is going on internally with Peercoin such as the release of v0.6.1, the upcoming soft fork and PeerAssets among some of the work on the dev side of things reflects strongly in the price growth of the coin.

In regards to the development, there is an interesting chart presented at coingecko.com that shows the development side of things. I’m not sure how accurate this one is, I’m sure there is stuff going on behind the scenes that cannot be measured by a chart but still, something else to consider.

Personally I think if we take these things into consideration as oppose to just looking at the numbers we’d get a better idea of what kind of future Peercoin has. If we just look at the numbers we will miss the bigger picture.

At the end, I feel the future is still bright and that this yearly upwards trend will continue into the new year and beyond. :grin: :chart_with_upwards_trend:


what you explaned is just maybe , will, i just mark the fact. what’s the numbers presentation?differ person has differ thinking. if adding maybe, btc may be $100,000 in the next year.


So say the energy hog makes it to $100,000 (which by the way, more press lately on Bitcoin’s energy consumption; fact is that it is not good) and you invested in at current price per BTC $16,000’ish it will have to duplicate 16.25 times to get there (100,000/16,000), or in other words peoples investsments, if thats what they are after, will also be duplicated by that much.

On the contrary & in light of the negative reality of energy consumption to sustain the Bitcoin network, Peercoin has the opportunity for being not only energy efficient but also having active development around Peercoin to also expand in growth. So ‘maybe’ we may see a $100 in trade value for PPC, in which at current price $3.50’ish would be some 28.57 times its current price, or in other words more profitable than Bitcoin for an investor.

Thats just numbers speaking, I think this question of energy consumption to run these decentralized networks will begin to have greater weight as these networks grow and more people begin to look closer into PoS.


I heard one person talk of $50m btc by Q4 2018 lol.

Yes I agree, the centralisation of bitcoin, the clear manipulation structure, and the environmental effects of mining will all lead to a collapse of bitcoin in my opinion.

When they look closer into PoS, and the history of PPC, it will come together.


Buy at current value of $4?

I have about 100 coins from 2013, just recently got back into crypto and very surprised to see PPC not even on first page of coinmarketcap. I don’t quite understand why, I know this is a sound coin, but I guess it all depends on merchant adoption, and marketing.