Using Peercoin Video in Documentary


We are making a documentary about the emergence of blockchain technology and the evolving conversation between traders and evangelists.

We are doing a section on the rise of altcoins and would like to use the What is Peercoin video:

In order to do so we would need permission from the person who created it. Is there a way to get in touch with them please?



At the end of the video you can see the name of the guy who created the video. His name is A.G. Houde. You may be able to locate contact info for him based on that. There is also an email address I have on file from his forum registration, however I’m not sure if it’s still an active email. I can try messaging him, but you might have more luck searching him using his name and some term like animation.

This thread is where we worked on the video and this post specifically talks about the license…

I just messaged the two people that were involved in making it using the email address they registered on the forum. Once again I don’t know if these addresses are current. If they respond I’ll let you know here. I would suggest trying to find the contact details for the names listed at the end of the video. If you can manage to get in contact with one of them, they’ll probably be able to put you in contact with all of them.

Update: I already got a reply from one of them. Here is the full reply below. Please let me know how you’d like me to respond…


Will you keep the community updated of the documentary that you will be making ?

I’m looking forward to see it as blockchain technologies is gonna be disruptive. Interesting subject as well.


Hi Sentinelrv,

Thank you very much for reaching out to the owners, I really appreciate it. It’s really great that they responded too.

I would be happy to talk about the details of the documentary and answer their questions. Would it be ok to ask them if its ok for you to pm me their email address so we can talk further?

Many thanks

Sure I’ll ask.

PM sent.

That’s brilliant thank you so much for your help.