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Feel free to introduce yourself in the thread below. Tell us about yourself and what interested you in Peercoin. For a few quick tips on how to use this forum software, check out this blog post.

What is Peercoin?

The key innovation of Peercoin is the invention of proof-of-stake, a blockchain consensus protocol that provides efficient, sustainable security and user governance, allowing for a trustless cryptocurrency network with adaptive inflation and a core focus on securely storing all types of value. Learn more at Peercoin University.






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We provide two chat services for our community. Discord is our main community hub besides the forum and it consists of multiple channels where Peercoin’s developers hang out and chat and answer questions. We also operate a Telegram group.


Hi, I’m Sentinelrv. I joined the Peercoin community back in early 2013 before this forum became the main home for Peercoin related discussion. Back then we were still using one thread on BitcoinTalk. I’m responsible for having the Peercoin logo designed, as well as Peerunity, Peershares, Peerbox and Primecoin. I work with the administrator (FuzzyBear) to ensure the forum is updated and presentable looking. I also work on different community projects and manage Peercoin’s social media accounts, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Google+. I also push news to Reddit and BitcoinTalk. Welcome to the forum and I hope to see you around! :slight_smile:


Howdy I’m stein88 n I would like to join ur family of the Peercoin just by watching the vidz I was amazed @ how u guys talked bout the differences between Proof of Work n Proof of Stake n I think the POS(Proof of Stake) is really a good thing that u guys have cause as explained in the vids I can work from ne comp or device I have n not waste so much power where as the POW(Proof of Work) requires a lot of power but in turn of what I have had explained to me in the videos POW n POS work hand in hand n in my opinion I think that’s the way it should be almost Yin and Yang caint have 1 without the other n I think that’s probably where Bitcoin messed up they souly rely on POW n nothing else. I hope in the future that I can be a good asset to u guys n hopefully bring something good to help make the peercoin better. Here is a link tomy facebook page.

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Hi Peers,

I’m Jan.
Want to learn more about Peercoin and CryptoCurrency.
I’m active trader in some other coins and have great (or much) idea’s about future of crypto currency.
My other favorite coins at he moment:

  • EnergyCoin (I 've a lot)
  • HyperStake a nice experiment (have some coins)
  • Mintcoin (6m coins but that coin has to rice from the dead, I have some idea’s to reanimate this coin)
  • Checkcoin very nice concept of linking Geolocation to CryptoCurrency I invested 1 BTC
    Peercoin looks a very serious coin to me and maybe I go also invest some into this coin.

I’m very open who I 'm.
Check @GEO_Jan on twitter.

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Hey peers!

Just a newb who likes cryptocurrency,
and because peercoin is such an awesome coin
I had to invest in it and get a bit more familiar with it.
That’s all for now,

Peerio !

Hi, I’m studying cryptocurrency and I’ve studied Bitcoin and Litecoin yet. Now I’m trying to understand Peercoin and Primecoin, how they works and how they are different from Bitcoin. I’ve to ask some implementation details to community because is quite difficult to find that online.

Hi, I’m peritonlogon. I’m fairly new to Crytpto and Peercoin. Have been educating myself and taking part in trading/investing since my discovery of this whole experiment. I believe I can be a valuable member of this community. I plan to contribute with ideas and work to help bring Peercoin to the front of the Cryptocoin field.


hello - i am hoping to connect with the developers - i found the project on the tip4commit and peer4commit sites and am interested in contributing to the project but am unclear where to begin or how the development is co-ordinated - for instance at the current time the project appears to be well funded both on peer4commit and tip4commit but the github project has zero open issues - do you use a more sophisticated issue tracker or project management system ?

i first went into the freenode channel but they said to the best place to contact the devs is on this forum - is that so ? - is this where development co-ordination takes place - or are there regular online scrums for example?

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I wanted to start a thread in the appropriate section about it but newbies to this forum are not allowed. So for the moment i’v just announced it here (i hope this is within the guidelines ?)

I hope you check it out and like it!

Hey everyone,

I’ve been involved with Bitcoin since summer 2011, mostly passively (never was a bitcointalk/reddit member). Just read the Peercoin whitepaper and immediately recognized the brilliance of the idea. My background is in finance/economics but I’ve recently been teaching myself computer science. I am currently employed as a financial analyst at a large US multinational. I am ready to contribute to the Peercoin community in a big way and have already begun planning several projects.

I am excited for what the future has in store! ;D



I am David. A programmer, previous XPM miner and now developing Boilr for the trader’s community.

Hi, I am CesariousMaximus, or Cesar IRL, lol. New to the forums, and have very limited exposure to Peer and Primecoin. Very interested in the technology and very eager to learn. I have long term goals that could be facilitated by crypto-currencies, and I believe they represent a genuine solution to economic problems, especially in those countries that are most heavily regulated and ravaged by heavy inflation.

I believe that a currency is only worth something if people are willing to use it as a medium of exchange, so the more people partake in it, the more valuable it is. In light of this, I am hoping that if my ambitions take off, I will try to embrace cryptocurrencies, but Bitcoin, Peercoin and Primecoin in particular. By doing so, I believe I can help add value to the particular cryptocurrency, and hopefully make profit while I am at it.

Either way, those are some of my views. I am fairly ignorant when it comes to software and hardware issues, so I figured this would be a good place to start if I am going to immerse myself in this technology.

I was brought here by Chronos, although I forgot to put him as my reference. I really appreciate his videos, and they have helped me with the basics.

Thanks, and I look forward to learning from this community

I’m glad the videos were helpful. Welcome to the community!


Hello ,

I am new to this and I would like to ask a weird question , if someone had billions of mining devices , each one having unlimited GH/s , this way he should virtually be capable of finding billions of blocks every second , no matter how hard mining gets , so is there a limit to the number of blocks that can be generated worldwide per second? (If his superminers can find million blocks per second they can defreeze them , but is there that many blocks in existence?)

Another thing , this person will most likely exceed the 2 billion soft cap in few seconds , what would happen next?

Please don’t ridicule my questions or just say : " but no such technology exists " or such , please give me a serious answer to this assumption that someone has this technology in the present time ,
Yours ,

Hello #####,

I don’t say such technology doesn’t exist, I’m saying it can’t exist.

If you would own a device with unlimited hashing power, you wouldn’t bother cracking blockchain technology as you could easily crack sha256 itself.


Well, this part is impossible. It’s like saying, If someone had a cat which was infinitely large… or If someone had a car which was infinitely fast…

hello i am new here

Greeting Peercoiners.

I am the owner of crypto gift website, I have been a big fan of peercoin for a long time and this is one of my favorite PoS coins. It has some very interesting developments i see with the cold wallet minting and own OS. Looking forward to that.

I decided to some physical Peercoins! I am sure there is a few of you here that would like these coins in your cryptocurrency collection, i use mine when i trade as a ‘lucky charm’ and i have to say, it seems to be working!

I would love to hear some feedback about the coin designs, as they are my first and will have a new design in the 3rd quarter of 2015.

Happy to have found this place. Look forward to reading more god news about peercoin!

Many thanks from Crypto Gifts.

Please respond