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Team Update #23: Peercoin v0.7 Released! Upgrade Deadline: March 12th, 2019 at 12:00 UTC! ( 2 ) [Team Updates] (24)
Foundation Update #3: Peercoin Foundation Financial Report for 2018 [Foundation Updates] (1)
Team Update #19: [ANN] Project Perpera [Team Updates] (1)
Team Update #18: Peercoin is now on Delta Direct [Team Updates] (1)
About the Announcements category [Announcements] (1)
Team Update #25: v0.7.1 Released, Introducing Updated Wallet Theme - Upgrade Deadline: March 12th [Team Updates] (14)
Team Update #26: Peercoin v0.8~RC1 Released for Testing [Team Updates] (5)
Team Update #13: The Peercoin Team Partners with StakeBox (A Pi Supply Brand) to Deliver a Secure StakeBox for Minting Peercoins. Pre-Order Today! ( 2 ) [Team Updates] (21)
Team Update #24: Will Shut Down on April 30th - Community/Team Migration to Discord [Team Updates] (2)
Team Update #22: The Brand New is Now Live! [Team Updates] (14)
Peercoin Team Expansion & Full List of Members [Team Updates] (3)

Peercoin Team Expansion We are currently doing well and making great progress with our team at Peercoin. Over the past year we have invited a number of people to join our team: long-time trusted community members as well…

Team Update #21: New Year Plans [Team Updates] (4)
Team Update #20: v0.7 Hard Fork Date Announcement [Team Updates] (4)
Team Update #9: Peercoin Team Releases Full Roadmap for 2018-2020 (Now Outdated) [Team Updates] (16)
Weekly Update Thread [Team Updates] (1)
Foundation Update #2: The Peercoin Foundation Hires 2 Developers & Community Manager in First Board Meeting [Foundation Updates] (4)
Team Update #17: The Peercoin Team Joins the Blockfolio Signal Beta [Team Updates] (2)
Team Update #16: Peercoin release 0.6.4 [Team Updates] (13)
Team Update #15: Peercoin Now Officially Supported by Ledger Nano S! [Team Updates] (12)
Foundation Update #1: The Peercoin Foundation is Now Open for Business! [Foundation Updates] (16)
Team Update #14: PeerAssets Deck Issue Modes [Team Updates] (5)
Team Update #12: Peercoin v0.6.2 Released [Team Updates] (2)
Team Update #11: Modern Peercoin Paper Wallet Address Generator Released! [Team Updates] (4)
Team Update #10: New Sponsor will Fund Development of PeerAssets Protocol & PeerAssets Compatible Multiplatform Light Wallet for Both Mobile & Desktop. Concept Image Included! [Team Updates] (11)
Team Update #7: Peercoin v0.6.1 Now Released, Upgrade Today! Blockchain Redownload Required! (Instructions Inside) ( 2 3 ) [Team Updates] (41)
Peercoin Team (Deprecated Thread) [Team Updates] (4)
Team Update #8: A Path to Cold Minting, a Way for Proof of Stake Blocks to be Securely Minted Offline from Cold Storage, Expanding the Participation of Minters & Increasing Network Security [Team Updates] (8)
Team Update #6 - Audio Interview Introducing the Development Team and Discussion About the Upcoming v0.6 Release [Team Updates] (12)
Team Update #5 - v0.6 Feature List, Current Progress & Release Timeline [Team Updates] (16)
Team Update #4 - Teaser for Upcoming v0.6 Release, Including Updated Wallet Design - Crypto Index Fund DAC Indicium Reaches $100k in Funding So Far [Team Updates] (19)