Game quiz for primecoin's fifth anniversary! with prize!

Hello everyone! It just occurred to us that the fifth anniversary of primecoin is approaching, and we’d like to hold a game to celebrate it!

Since primecoin is about prime numbers, Cunningham chains in particular, it would be a good idea to guess prime numbers. Maybe the numbers in the next block after the anniversary (18UCT 7th July to my memory)?

What do you think? I can donate like 300 coins for prize.

(This thread is continuing Anyone still maintaining Primecoin?)

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Sounds fun. I wish to take part. Could you elaborate on this game?

After a second thought, guessing the complete Cunningham chain may be to difficult. Maybe we can have more than one awards? Like, type of Cunningham chain, length, etc.

Noticed you were advocating Primecoin since days ago. Great idea! The game should also cover the prime numbers in the chain, guess the digit of the origin would be fine?

And I think many experienced developers and users are still at bitcointalk. Shall I mention this game there?

Do I need to pay some coins to take part in this game? I’d like a larger prize pool, though 300 coins is OK, but, you know, more is better.
Why don’t you post this on another websites like reddit.

Yes of course! Please do help to spread the word! So in your opinion we better have three awards: type of chain, chain length, and origin digit? But the guy below you want a large prize :wink:

Well well, human beings are greedy in nature I guess?:joy: But I think we should aim to draw as many people as possible, in that case free entrance is a must. Hmm…maybe, 500?

I hardly go to reddit, can you help to post it?

Interesting. I wish to take part and win some coins. Give me a notice when this begins.

I think it would be more interesting if you could get some people from mathematics to join this game.

That’s true, but I don’t know any people from mathematics. Maybe @clarencechen?

500, cool!
How about this, there are 3 things we can guess, type of the chain, length of the chain and digit of the origin. maybe 50 for type because only 3 types. and 50 for length because it should be just as the difficulty. 150 for type + length. 100 for digit, digit has more choice.
The top prize 500 should give someone predict all the type length and digit, and plus lucky number, that is to say the last number of the origin. Haha!

Hmm…seems delicate but also a little bit too complicated? And most of all, that’s much more than 500……

Ok let’s do this:

50 for the first post to get the right type;
50 for the first post to get the right length;
100 for the first post to get the right digit of the origin;
100 for the first post to get the right last number of the origin;
and 300 for the post which gets the most right predictions (at least 2)!

That’s all I can offer! Don’t be too greedy!!! LOL

Wow now I’m interested :grinning: