Game quiz for primecoin’s fifth anniversary! Final rules!


Hi all!

After some dicussion here

we are going to hold a game to celebrate primecoin’s fifth anniversary!

Everyone please leave your prediction for the next block after 18UTC 7th July, and

50 for the first post to get the right type;
50 for the first post to get the right length;
100 for the first post to get the right digit of the origin;
100 for the first post to get the right last number of the origin;
and 300 for the post which gets the most right predictions (at least 2)!

But give me some time to collect the answer and the lucky winners, after all it’s weekend! Also enjoy the World Cup!

Game quiz for primecoin's fifth anniversary! with prize!

OK I’ll do it first.

Cunningham type: TWN
Length: 11
Digit: 95
Last number: 0


Sounds interesting!I registered this account especially for this game.:grinning:
Cunningham type: 2cc
Length: 13
Digit: 96
Last number: 2


Haha now we are in business. What if there is a draw? Just curious
My bet:
Cunningham type: 1CC
Length: 12
Digit: 92
Last number: 8


:laughing: Thanks for joining us!


The first one get the prize I think?


I bet:
Cunningham type: 2cc
Length: 11
Digit: 99
Last number: 0


Cunningham type: TWN
Length: 11
Digit: 95
Last number: 2


Cunningham type: 1CC
Length: 11
Digits: 97
Last number: 440


You are so enthusiastic :relaxed:

Cunningham type: 2CC
Length: 11
Digit: 96
Last number: 0


Well done mate!

Cunningham type: 2CC
Length: 11
Digit: 95
Last number: 0


Cunningham type: 1CC
Length: 12
Digits: 99
Last number: 4


Haha looks like everyone is having some fun!

Happy 5th anniversary of Primecoin :gift_heart:

This March we saw the discovery of the first 15-chain in Primecoin network. That’s been almost 4 years since the first 14-chain was discovered in Primecoin network. How long will it be before we see the first 16-chain? It’s nice to have dreams :fireworks:

Cheers :sparkling_heart:

    "time" : "2018-03-30 17:37:20 UTC",
    "epoch" : 1522431440,
    "height" : 2592901,
    "ismine" : false,
    "mineraddress" : "AWJwhr5QL7P5HdtREYoaFpCn2nsH4x2Dmk",
    "primedigit" : 96,
    "primechain" : "TWN0f.6890a9",
    "primeorigin" : "371380643336529717904954792105904009314198781027045292417502705591798261499073871883343191967360",
    "primorialform" : "603979207091610350931040544622192382507857104956310899704046986141973437311296*47#"

    "time" : "2014-05-16 09:30:22 UTC",
    "epoch" : 1400232622,
    "height" : 547276,
    "ismine" : false,
    "mineraddress" : "ANSXnLY2HX2a5e6fdcDUZDtfwTSd25TjkD",
    "primedigit" : 100,
    "primechain" : "2CC0e.e02228",
    "primeorigin" : "3578296538780163933788997013003056089485948731343881574835241290062453746143972843526232515625186560",
    "primorialform" : "5819411283298069803200936040662511327268486153212216998535044251830806354124236416*47#"


Wow Wow Wow! Look who’s here, Sunny King himself (or herself :grin:)!!!:laughing::laughing::laughing:

So flattered to have you here! Surely Primecoin will catch up and be great again! If no others, we will do the job ourselves! You guyes all are with me, right? :laughing:

I’ll be back soon with the game result and winners!


So it should be block 2,738,370 ,

Block id 2738370
Hash 7175582fc592ee1f3e7d7b9602a52c123f7d910ac2f8764bc76b16b31e67519c
Type TWN
Length 11
Digits 98
Prime origin 16907797233875177568096200056966872834530359933004662975865384035478417390699572094959725091246080

Check that for me guys!


Greetings toour great professor, Sunny King.
Dreams that transform them into realty.
Can you tell us something more for the future?


Still waiting for objection, if any~:grin:


Hmm, it seems that I got the right length and last number of the origin. Could I get some coins?:grin:


NO! I Got Nothing Correct!


If you are asking about Primecoin’s future, I don’t know, but I would say it really depends on our community. In the past it’s a bit lonely here, but recently some new development seem popping up around the Primecoin community. So yes in that sense we could hope that newly refreshed work would be done for Primecoin and new leaders could emerge within our community to take Primecoin to its rightful place :sparkles: