Game quiz for primecoin’s fifth anniversary! Final rules!


Wow, Sunny King appears here again! He really pays attention to primecoin (and to me? just kidding:grin:)!

As for the result of this game, it’s a pity no one gets the right digit, while I am the first to get all the other right answers… which is not my original intention at all…

Wish there was a foundation of primecoin, in that case I could donate the prize to the foundation. For now, I guess it’s a good idea to hold one more game (or maybe games?) and this 600 coins goes to the pool? Do you guys agree?

Have been watching Primecoin for years and always love it. I believe Primecoin will have a bright, rightful future, and I’m sure many of you are with me. Why don’t us form a new group today, to advance the development of Primecoin, as Sunny King hoped?

We can, we must.

Last but not least, happy birthday to Primecoin again, and looking forward to the continue of the legend!:tada::tada:


Seems like I missed the primecoin birthday and the quiz haha.

About the Primecoin future, I want to say that I am trying to update the code to Ver0.16 and I’m really working on it. And I know there are some people also try to do something to make the Primecoin better. So please do not feel lonely Sunny.


Haha you will have the chance to win maybe more prizes!
And welcome to join us!