Community Questions for Peercoin's Lead Developer, Backpacker

Hey everybody, we are going to be doing an interview with @backpacker69. If you have any questions you would like to ask him, please feel free to do so below!

Old thread for reference: Community Questions for Peercoin’s Project Leader, Peerchemist

What is more punishing to code with: Javascript or C++? :wink:

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What is your idea of the Peercoin 2.0?

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If you suddenly had a team of 5 coders for Peercoin, what would you let them work on?

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What is your avatar from? I thought it was from Shrek for the longest time

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Why did you choose the Peercoin? How can Peercoin win the competition with other cryptocurrencies?

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  • How to you see Peercoin future in term of usage ? Do you think people will use as a store of value or use for buying products/services ?

  • What’s your Peercoin marketing point of view ? Does it need to be oriented on educating people over cryptocurrency/blockchain or more on Peercoin application eco-system ?

  • More general question : Why do you think PoS consensus is still not widely spread among cryptocurrencies ?

Edit : I forgot one in fact.

  • Do you think it will be possible to mint using Ledger wallet or any hardware wallet in the future ? (I’m not sure if it’s possible right now…I think it’s something called cold minting)