Community Questions for Peercoin's Lead Developer, Backpacker

Hey everybody, we are going to be doing an interview with @backpacker69. If you have any questions you would like to ask him, please feel free to do so below!

Old thread for reference: Community Questions for Peercoin’s Project Leader, Peerchemist

What is more punishing to code with: Javascript or C++? :wink:

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What is your idea of the Peercoin 2.0?

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If you suddenly had a team of 5 coders for Peercoin, what would you let them work on?

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What is your avatar from? I thought it was from Shrek for the longest time

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Why did you choose the Peercoin? How can Peercoin win the competition with other cryptocurrencies?

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  • How to you see Peercoin future in term of usage ? Do you think people will use as a store of value or use for buying products/services ?

  • What’s your Peercoin marketing point of view ? Does it need to be oriented on educating people over cryptocurrency/blockchain or more on Peercoin application eco-system ?

  • More general question : Why do you think PoS consensus is still not widely spread among cryptocurrencies ?

Edit : I forgot one in fact.

  • Do you think it will be possible to mint using Ledger wallet or any hardware wallet in the future ? (I’m not sure if it’s possible right now…I think it’s something called cold minting)

Was this the interview this week on Telegram?

No, that was Peercoin promotion for HotBit’s community in the form of a live interview. We also did a small giveaway with trivia questions about the interview.