Community Questions for Peercoin’s Project Leader, Peerchemist

Hey all,

I am planning an interview with Peerchemist sometime this weekend. We will go over some of the history, future plans, etc. I have a list of questions I will be asking, but if you have anything you would like to ask, please put it below and I will include it. The full interview will be posted to Medium and forums.

If the interview is well received, we will look to do more in the coming months.


Questions from Telegram…

  1. Hm… Who owns those two addresses that have 7% of coins each? 14 % together. Does it threaten the network?
  2. What function of Peercoin blockchain is more important, to be a currency, i.e replace fiat money or things like Perpera or things similar to smart contracts. Which one has greater chances for adoption.

How much co-operation and exchange of ideas is there in the Proof of Stake Alliance?

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Will peercoin have DEX built in? Universal orderbook?

Will peercoin have Exchange expansion?

How are peercoin developers make living? Are you dedicated to this project? Forever?

Is there marketing plan?

How many developers this project had?

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