Changing Peercoin ticker to "XPC"

Anyone have opinion on this?

Under ISO_4217 Peercoin is so called “supranational” currency or something similar to currency and so it should be using X prefix.

Besides, it could give us a tiny bit of freshness out there on the markets.


Have you checked to make sure that it does not already exist? which seems to be market standard says no:

Great idea. Let’s do it.

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Great idea.

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How would this affect existing exchanges, would a “rename” operation be seamless?

There’s been change before - from PPCoin to Peercoin. But PPC still reflects the original meaning - “peer-to-peer coin”. XPC will represent a spiritual break with this. Perhaps it does not matter, if it takes the coin forward in other ways.

Out of curiosity, I visited the ISO website and looked for bitcoin’s code xbt - it was not on the official list (no crypto is) so I assume bitcoin’s use of xbt is informal, confined to the exchanges. It would be a coup indeed if Peercoin was the first coin to be officially registered with ISO. I have sent them an email requesting the procedure for applying for an ISO code, and will update this thread with the reply

With regards to the immediate goal of having a new ticker on coinmarketcap and the exchanges, I wonder whether adoption of XPC (assuming such a change is agreed by the Community) should be tied to a certain event, such as the formal 90% acceptance of v0.6 - or, perhaps better still, cold storage minting in v0.7

It would be a snappy way to draw wider attention to cold minting, as well as give Peercoin a modern makeover


I think we have applied before but never got an answer.

I support it, but make sure it is properly and timely announced else you might loose a few exchange listings here and there. Ideally together with a client update as suggested.

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Agreed. Major milestones like those are a perfect time to seek consensus for this type of change. Continued growth in the PeerAsset ecosystem could also be a catalyst for this adjustment.

I’d like propose that if the community is serious about this symbol change, it be treated as a protocol change that requires a supermajority of nodes to migrate to a new version of the client. I’ve been looking for small ways to begin to get back into working on Peercoin projects, so if there’s broad interest in this proposal, and no one has already started working on it, I could make the required changes (“PPC > XPC” label references)to the client interface and submit a pull request.


I like this idea. It’s better to do it now before PPC is a household name (…all the English potty jokes mocking PPCoin can finally end!)


This is a good way to proceed, assuming community support. It would be an important change, so needs more than a “show of hands” in the forum

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XPP and XPC , which one is better

XPC because we want to get rid of the dual “PP”


Great idea,approved! please change it immediately!!!:grin:

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Here was my email to the ISO people (I did not mention Peercoin or crypto):

Please can you tell me, or provide a link, on the procedure for applying for a new three-digit/letter currency code (ISO 4217)
Thank you,

Here is their reply:

According to the ISO 4217 International Standard only governmental institutions/monetary authorities are entitled to apply for a currency code.

As a general rule, the need for issuing new codes, shall be evidenced by a substantiated application, which may be submitted by monetary authorities only. Monetary authorities is defined as follow: An authority that has the monetary sovereignty to exercise legal control over the currency of a country or countries and that is entitled to determine the currency unit, the denominations, etc. In most instances the monetary authority is the central bank of the respective country.

We hope this information meets your request.

Yours faithfully,
Secretariat of the Maintenance Agency


Suggested action: that I reply and ask whether they have any plans to conduct public consultations, obtain evidence, etc., with regards to incorporating crypto-currencies into the ISO scheme

His reply seems clear enough. Only governments and monetary authorities with control of national currencies can apply.

I can answer the follow-up question for you: no.

tl;dr I agree with XPC symbol, just not with the ISO approval thing.

The ISO effort may end up backfiring.

Cryptocurrencies are generally not seen with friendly eyes by governamental, regulatory or standard organizations. Once - and if, remotely - we get an approval on ISO, I’m a little concerned someone could use it to put pressure on Peercoin future. e.g. “If you don’t take action against “this”, or follow “that”, we’ll remove you from our board of official codes”.

While I do believe our community is solid enough to not give a fuck about eventual blackmailings like these, we’ll still witness a marketing “fiasco” if XPC eventually get removed from their list.

So, why bother with that now, since it can backfire? In my opinion, we should decide if we’re implementing the new symbol or not, and just going on with it.

The farther we stay from official mainstream orgs, the better.

Willing to hear opinions on this.

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Agree your consideration, first decide whether change the symbol or not,meanwhile get the ISO code, don’t worry whether someone would blackmail after gotten the code, it wouldn’t hurt any, just delist it, the fact is that no one can get it here, don’t worry too much before do anything.

I say we keep PPC. When people see PPC they know it means peercoin, a change to XPC could throw a lot of people off, confuse exchanges and hurt peercoin in general.

Besides what is there to gain by changing to XPC?

BTC has been BTC since 2009

LTC has been LTC since 2011

Why should peercoin change its ticker 5+ years into it’s life?

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