Changing the Peercoin Ticker Symbol

Hey guys,

Just wondering how you guys felt about this. This does not mean we will change it. I am just looking for the community’s opinion.
I originally liked the PPC ticker symbol but recently I have felt that PPC is sort of outdated since we changed the name from PPCoin to Peercoin.

Of course PRC is not the only option. We could make it whatever!

Anyway, can’t wait to hear the thoughts on this.

If there is overwhelming support for this, I would be happy to lead the front and work on getting the exchanges to change it.


I think people get used to PPC. Changing it may cause unnecessary trouble.

I think I would vote no. The reason is because it would cause a lot of confusion. Everybody knows Peercoin as PPC. If we were going to change it, we should have done it back when we originally changed the name. I think it’s probably too late now. This was actually proposed back then and it was shot down because people were afraid that nobody would recognize PRC on exchanges and think it was a different coin and that PPC was removed, making the price suffer.

In case you didn’t know, the two P’s stand for peer to peer and the c for coin, so: Peer to Peer Coin. I guess both symbols could work though.

The downside of keeping it, PPC also means pay per click, which can be confusing.

Yeah, I ran into the pay-per-click a few weeks ago with some people. It’s understandable that people are against it. Just throwing it out there.

The biggest question I’ve gotten from people after they ask if it meant pay-per-click, was why Peercoin was PPC. Then I explain why that it the name was originally Peer-to-Peer Coin. Then again… usually only traders see the ticker so… yeah. It’s not a big deal.

My argument against the whole confusion is that since Peercoin has not been widely accepted, we are still in the window to change it. I doubt traders would get confused. Especially since most trading is done on BTC-e. Then again… maybe I am assuming people are more intelligent than they really are.

Wouldn’t be a big fan of it either. There are 25+ exchanges and a bunch of sites using PPC (explorers, network statistics etc.). A lot of trouble to change all of that with a potential for confusion. Not worth it I think.

What about changing the 1 PPC = $ 1.xx relationship to a 1 PPC = Nu$ 1.xx?

A variation would be to use XPC as an alternative symbol (like XAU, XAG etc), as BTC is sometimes referred as XBT.

If we were to change it. I would vote XPC

Perhaps we should switch to XPC at the time that XBT becomes mainstream for BTC. (Hint: not yet.)

We shall save this discussion for another day

150 XPC

I support XPC, while agreeing that the change might cause unnecessary confusion at this time, but when would be a good time? I often prefer being bold and just going with it, but not everybody agrees with that. Something like “It should be done, so let’s do it.” (wish I could do more than talk :-/).


  • Possible confusion.
  • Contacting exchanges takes time.
  • Changing occurrences of PPC to XPC takes time.
  • XPC looks similar to XCP, Counterparty.


  • Less future confusion. (“Pay per click” and Peercoin -> PPC ???) [1]
  • In line with global standards. [2]
  • Sunny knew this with Primecoin which has XPM. We are the far future-thinking ground up solid community that gets it all right. I don’t know how much people care, but I think it’d give a better impression with them matching.
  • Peercoin -> XPC makes more sense.

Other than the confusion issue (which I think is overblown, but what do I know), are there any real arguments in favor of PPC over XPC?

[1]: Compare Wikipedia/XPC to Wikipedia/PPC.
[2]: “A currency code is generally built from the two-digit ISO 3316 country code and a third letter for the currency. Although “BTC” is often used in the Bitcoin community, BT is the country code of Bhutan. An X-code reflects currencies that are used internationally and so, XE has chosen to use XBT to represent Bitcoin.” –

Yes, I’ve seen that too . Perhaps XPE or XPR (perhaps too similar to Ripple, XRP) could also be used. Another variant I considered, XPP. would have the same problems as PPC, as it has the “double P” not seen in the word “Peercoin”.

I would also vote for now to maintain PPC, but gradually establish a “standard-conform” symbol with the X as first letter and without the double P.

I’ve had the XPP idea too, and I don’t know how much I like it.

XPM, Primecoin (Eks-Pee-Em)
XPC, Peercoin (Eks-Pee-C)
XPP, Peercoin (Eks-Pee-Pee). “Your ex’s what?”
XPE, Peercoin (Eks-Pee-E). “Windows XP?”

I don’t think we should compromise.

Windows XP is already outdated, and will be more so when Proof-of-stake (and perhaps Proof-of-burn) wins the race against Proof-of-work :wink:

I see currently no problem with XPE, XPC is also not bad, as Counterparty is not a so well-known brand (outside the cryptocurrency community), Ripple (XRP) is a bit more well-known. XPP - well, we would have the Pee-pee-discussion again, as you say :wink: So for the moment, I favour XPC and XPE.

Voting is closed but I ran into an interesting article this week that is somewhat relevant.

good name for the peercoin hard fork :wink: