Changing Peercoin ticker to "XPC"


vote for xpc also


Change it. PPC is the Ben Stein of the ticker symbols while XPC is Ben Affleck. It’s news, it helps get the word out about PeerAssets developments, and thereby informs about PoS. Change it.

Supranational currency XPC versus cryptocurrency PPC. Semantics maybe but superficial appearance is everything.


If community wants XPC ticker then it should probably be implemented along with V0.7 release in few months.

Changing from PPC (Peer to Peer Coin) to XPC (X Peercoin) would require a large community outreach to get exchanges and other peercoin infrastructure to update.


I agree with the above comment. It is time for Peercoin to re-angle its image. Peercoin has an enviable reputation for being steady and sensible, but to the newcomer, steady can be interpreted as slow and uneventful. We need to make subtle changes that avoid that. XPC is a step in the right direction, in my view.


Don’t mean to ruin plans, but I’m finding XPC to be tied to a crypto named PorkCoin. I did not know it existed before today.

May be worth contacting the developer and ask for sure;u=407699

With that said, I’m also in favor of renaming to XPC


Seems like a dead scam coin.

It was released in 2015, then after some time renamed and rebranded in order to make a new ICO.

I’ve found only one exchange that adopted it back in the day:

Their shitspill on the “XPC” code seems to only get as far as this Chinese exchange. But we should definitely analyze more carefully if the adoption could cause further headaches for us now.


As we have seen with bch/bcc, coinmarketcap is all you need to get a ticker symbol to take root. There is no xpc on coinmarketcap, so it is untaken.


XPC is the repair gene,
since fixing the economy it seems correct


One thing I would consider is the value add vs the user experience. It’s going to cause initial confusion. I’m thinking … once consensus is reached, maybe pull the trigger at the right time, which I have no idea what that might be.
The more I think about it the more I like XPC. To be honest PPC never made much sense to me since the coin doesn’t have two Ps in its name.


If I’m not mistaken, PPC is short for PPCoin, the name given in Peercoin’s whitepaper. I wasn’t around in the early days but correct me if I’m wrong, PPCoin was short for Peer-to-Peer Coin of which eventually became known as Peercoin.

As for XPC, I think favorably of the proposal, I feel it would be a positive change for some of the many reasons already shared here. I’d support the change. :+1:


That is correct.


XPC sounds better than PPC. I say do it.


Can someone from the Peercoin Team ask CoinMarketCap to secure the XPC ticker? We need to know it is available before we offer it as part of a protocol change, and any other preparation work, etc.

The request could be along the lines of CMC holding the ticker for Peercoin for twelve months, after which we accept it may be released if Peercoin has not by then adopted it.


I think in 2018 it’s good to do this and start the year with a ticker update


I vote for the change. The XPC ticker is superior to PPC in terms of branding. We have a revolutionary technology here and we want everyone, including institutional investors, to take us seriously - the branding must live up to the tech.


I vote yay.


From the response it seems the majority is in favor of making this change.


PPC is losting the attention in copyto world, need something new to attract the people.


Potential issue… there is a coin ticker XCP, “Counterparty,” which would undoubtedly cause confusion for us.


I forged my first peercoin back in 2013 and I approve this idea !