Your opinion on Magnum Wallet


Hey, guys —

It’s almost two month already that Magnum Wallet supports Peercoin. Have you tried it?

I’m asking just to know your opinion on the wallet! Even better it would be to get any criticism since we do our best to improve our project and match community expectations!

And most importantly, all those who suspect something scammy shouldn’t worry at all, because we have got an approval of foundation >:3



It’s certainly aesthetically pleasing and easy to use. I’d like to try how it looks on mobile. Perhaps it can be packaged into “native app” for Android via wrapper?

Some features I’d like to see:

  • HD keys
  • Ledger Nano integration

Perhaps it should not have so many altcoins and tokens enabled by default to reduce the visual clutter? Starting with Bitcoin should be enough. And naturally, Peercoin.


Hi, it seems in your first image you are using a transparent version of our logo and the leaf is not white like it should be. It’s also an outdated version as we’ve slightly modified the curve of the bottom of the leaf. You can find the updated version at the link below. Do you mind fixing it?



It always matters, when Brand Manager points some inaccuracies. However our designer responded that he did it on purpose. You can see that all other logos are transperent in the dark theme as well. Can we compromise? :3


Sure, I didn’t realize it was like that because of the dark theme.


I like the dark theme for sure. Good visual balance.