Magnum Wallet Supports now Peercoin

Magnum Wallet supports Peercoin. As far as we can tell, it was built to support airdrops, which means it would work with the Bitcoin Air snapshot coming in November.

We were able to gather more information as well.

Magnum wallet is non-custodial light wallet, so we do not store any user data.

Our main concern is keeping users private keys safe.

We don’t store private keys — in fact, they never leave your PC while using our wallet (in any form). Instead, we store an encrypted version of your private/secret key in browsers local storage. We take the following steps:

  • We harden your encryption password using a pbkdf2 function with random salt.
  • We encrypt your private key using this hardened password and AES256 using random Initialization Vector.
  • The resulting encrypted key is stored within your browsers secure local storage.

You can then lock and unlock your wallet, which extracts your private key only when you need it.

This wallet supports PPC if you are looking for a lighter option.