Why Can't I Start a New Thread?

GRRRRRRR, anger, shouting! fuming, stupid computer… stupid forum… I have a question I want to ask… so i signed up and went to start new thread in right forum section and I CAN’T START A NEW THREAD :frowning:

Well sorry about this folks… but as Peercoin is actually such a good coin like bitcoin not just some clone coin, that the forum here gets spammed a LOT so I have had to put in place a few measures to limit the spam. One of these is that:

[size=12pt]You can not start a new thread until you have a post count of 2… obtain this by replying to two threads…[/size]

Oooo I know says the smart person… I’ll reply on this thread with my Peercoin address as my first post and maybe someone will tip me a coin in days to come :slight_smile:

Second post can be here… http://www.peercointalk.org/index.php?topic=125.0 (see you are not alone!!)

and next port of call I would like to direct you here for a good first thread to get you lots of peercoin information http://www.peercointalk.org/index.php?topic=884.0

Enjoy the forum and keep it clean!


Reserved. ;D
Just kidding. Im here because Im curious to talk you my peers, about open transaction and peercoin.

Thanks, I couldn’t figure it out! :slight_smile:

So until you made 2 reply you are not allow to ask questions? That kinda sucks

So do spammers.

Haha and there i was looking for the new topic button lol

Hello! ;D


Noted. Hopefully this will count as one of them!

Hello Peercoin community! I am completely new to this and am excited to be here!

What would be really exciting for me is to see it working


I’m looking for the new topic button for quite a while and then I saw this. lol

Well, to be honest It’s good to have some security placed to keep spammers out.
Because spamming can be also used as method of DOS and I’ve seen the damage done with it and It’s ugly.
I honesly hope and wish that this forum never sees that day :stuck_out_tongue:

here is reply number 1

and here is reply number 2. hopefully i can now ask the question i came here to ask in the first place now 15 of my time has been wasted figuring out i had to reply to 2 posts for some pathetic reason.

Reply 1

Hi Peercoin community! We’re here to offer you a new service

Sirously? No other board I know has such user anoying rules…

hello guys :wink:

Here I am.

do all forums do this i am new?