Why Can't I Start a New Thread?

Bitcointalk the other forum that receives high spam and users requires you to have a number of days viewing the forum actively logged in before you can post, and yes they also run similar 2 posts reply then you can start new thread


Everyone has to start somewhere! :stuck_out_tongue:

Hello Peercoin community! ;D

‘Such a good coin’. Mmmhhhmmmm

Anyway, post count of 2

Excited about the prospect of PoS!

Makes sense, I hope to contribute some ideas here.

LOL glad I read the stickies !!! Thanks


So hopefully I can start a thread now… :slight_smile:

Glad I found this thread, as I actually decided to stop lurking and make a thread to contribute :slight_smile:

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Is this really meaningful? It is only annoying.

Yes I am sorry if is annoying for new users but this is the world of cryptocurrency, we are not liked by many big and powerful people and the amount of spam and DDOS attacks throughout the cryptocurrency world is rather shocking,

I am grateful that for over the last 6 months this limit of posting a new thread has completely stopped spam posts being posted on the forum.

So a resounding YES this is meaningful and needed. Similar over on bitcointalk.


Ha-ha! Nice to meet you, folks. :enjoying:

finally understood why i could post nothing.

An Hello world reply for fun

let’s see if the second one really unlocks posting

Glad I read rules and so I now know. 2 posts is nothing compare to some forums actually. ;D

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