Welcome to 0.5% BeePoolNY Pool!

Hello and Welcome to BeePoolNY Pool!

We proud to invite you to the BeePoolNY 0.5% PeerCoin mining pool. We will try to keep the fee low all the time thanks to our hosting provider. Donations are appreciated and will be used to grow the pool. There is 30 confirmation threshold to confirm the block to make sure the seamless payouts. As pool grows bigger, we will reduce the number of required confirmations.


The following features are currently supported:



Dynamic PPLNS payout system

DDOS protection

SSL Enabled

Please visit our Help and Getting Started pages for more information how to set-up your miners.

Cheers and good mining with us, and thank you for your support!

The BeePoolNY team.

Contact us at support@beepoolny.com