Wall Observer - The PPC Price Speculation Thread


PPC will triple soon. Give it a couple weeks. There is always a lag from when people first find out about it, to doing their research, to making the jump to investing in it. Watch. (now is the time to get in while it is still cheap).


It will come down. It’s all about confidence. Confidence can be lost due to many factors. Say, the PPC development team has only one person now. Aren’t you worried? Don’t worry about missed opportunities. They were not yours. There will be huge up and downs.


LOL yeah I bought at the worst time it seems when PPC was at the .003 wall

Shouldn’t matter though as the people who bought bitcoin at the April high or any of the other daily or weekly highs aren’t complaining now. I think that will be the case as well with PPC

I held some XPM and watched its price double in less than 24 hours and sold it to early I guess since it keeps on rising.

So the XPM growth in price is probably good for PPC as well since the forums are combined. Also I was reading that the implementation of XPM main purpose was to help PPC grow in the long term. Is that true and how so?

Just curious and want to get some discussion going


I would like to see it come down a tad, just for personal reasons though. Going to put $200 in on Friday, and would like to get the most out of it as I possibly could!


I am not worried. Sunny is the best developer, imo. Lot of confidence in him. PPC will be worth hundreds easily, probably thousands even very soon. Could replace gold. Gold is at $1,300 for an ounce. But with gold look at the fees for trading precious metals. Plus there is a lot of costs and manipulations with gold such as counterfeigt tungsten gold http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EeyHF1N1jNw Then you have storage costs for gold. PPC could easily be higher than gold soon. PPC is CHEAP.


BTC-E has added PPC/USD!

And price is skyrocketing :smiley:



It’s obviously awesome in some way, but I liked the stable rise it was showing for the past week…
Now it’s going into bubble mode :confused:


First off… Congrats to PPC for getting USD exchange on BTC-E!

Ive just started with crypto, and ppc was my first and only coin i felt was worth holding for the long term… ive been trading other coins on and off trying to build up a few extra coins… now that price is on the higher end for its history… i feel the more people who get on this forum and read about whats going on, this coin will really take off!

I hope Sunny can take the extra value in PPC and reinvest to obtain a larger grasp in this interesting industry.

Nothing happens overnight, while that may be the mentality behind a lot of people getting involved… i am here for the long run, just hoping to buy more ppc with some smart trading


If you think you missed the boat then no worries. The 3 month long chart shows a nice daily trend. It starts with a pennant that breaks down negatively but, in the last 8 days the trend has turned into a positive wedge which broke out today due to the ppc/usd pairing. It appears to be turning into a high pennant which leads me to believe that we are only going to be seeing the price gradually increase past previous highs.

Red outlines the pennant. Yellow is where the pennant broke out negatively. Green is the wedge and, the rest is obvious.


If you want to learn more about chart and candlestick patterns like the immediate above post, investopedia is a great source. I have a fair amount of experience trading the traditional Forex markets and would love to build a community of chart technicians here to do daily weekly and monthly analysis


3-month Chart:

My speculation is about $15-35 per coin, by year end.

Keep on minting!


Well, I don’t know how recently you took that screenshot… But it seems like specualtors are taking their profits now.


In the past the price tends to drop on weekends for some reason. Could be a combination of fewer buyers in the market along with more people looking to sell to earn money for the weekend. I think we’ll have a better idea of where the price consolidated at once trading begins in earnest on Monday.


Yeah, sounds like a rather good explanation for ALL the currencies going down…
(Except Quark. Like… Quark, wtf.)


history has it that when bitcoin is on sideway, alts deflates. I think btc will be bouncing in the range of 1000 for a few months.

I dumped all my LTC recently, still keep PPC as it’s not so overvalued.


Look at the 3 month chart for btc/usd on cryptocharts.info. If it forms a pennant then the price will bounce to a little over 900. The scary part is that this drop breaks a long standing positive wedge. It will be interesting to see which way the pennant breaks (should it actually form)

Green is the positive wedge. Yellow is where I think the pennant will come to a point (should it form)

The best thing to focus on is how low ppc goes in comparison to how low btc goes. If btc drops to 500$ and ppc stays above 5$ then we will see a nice increase in price for ppc on the way up.


Agree on the PPC relative performance.

I see a rising triangle or pennant bounded by the outside-day reversal candle on 19 nov 2013. If support at that former top holds, look for a retest of the most recent peak at $1095. If price falls and closes below that first support point at $770, expect a trading range between the $376 even lower support and the $770 region until the next big market moving event happens to start a new trend. That $376 support is within the zone of the $418 38.2% Fib retracement area which further bolsters the analysis. Assuming the strong uptrend continues, then buying between $376 and $418 (should price fall that low) might be a good move.

*This information is for educational purposes and is not investment advice. It is not intended to state, indicate or imply in any manner that current or past results, are indicative of future results or expectations. Any prospective investor should consult with its own investment, accounting, legal and tax advisers to evaluate independently the risks, consequences and suitability of any and all investments.


The worst of your prediction is exactly what I hope NOT to see. Means I’ll need to get more money out of the bank!


If you look at the date on the chart, is is just the average price in USD as of November 30th.

There may be some consolidation, but honestly, I don’t think Peercoin will drop too much lower for too long.
Peercoin’s inflation rate has been rapidly decreasing, meaning fewer and fewer coins are being mined.
I think a large part of it is due to the fact that Bitcoin’s profitability is dying out, and Peercoin is like 50% more profitable to mine than Bitcoin now, so people are switching to mining Peercoin. This is causing the PoW block reward to decrease a lot, which makes Peercoin’s inflation drop, thus making the coin more rare. This is part of the beauty of Peercoin, as it has an adjusting block reward based on difficulty.

Check this chart out… http://bitinfocharts.com/comparison/miningtobtc-ppc.html

This means, a lot more Terrahashes are coming, which means, lower block reward, which means lower inflation, which means increased scarcity, fewer coins on the exchanges and more price stability. I think we are actually about to see Peercoin’s price skyrocket, and dominate even Bitcoin’s price.


Wait… Are you high?
I mean, I DO believe in PPC, and I believe it can eventually replace BTC because BTC is flawed and can’t be used in the long term. And I will therefore hold my PPC til the end.

But realistically, I have doubts. At least, PPC bigger than BTC isn’t going to happen anytime soon imho.

Also, I’m very, very scared by PPC’s growth rate because although it deserves to have a big valuation, it’s not truly used for transactions (keeping in mind that PPC is more meant for being held than for being exchanged). And if it hasn’t got any value for transactions, that means it has inflational value right now… Which isn’t very healthy.

I think we need to find a society, a large group of people who, for one reason or another, could use PPC to facilitate all their transactions.