Wall Observer - The PPC Price Speculation Thread


This bear market will wipe out many projects, but everyone here knows that Peercoin has survived through worse and longer than almost all of the coins on coinmarketcap and still has no scalability issues anywhere on the horizon. Without an active economy depending on Peercoin, the price is less important the project itself, which is steadily improving. To some degree, I’m actually happy Peercoin hasn’t drawn tons of attention, because it allows us to still be agile during a time when many other chains are forking and losing their consensus momentum.


What other coin has an important place in Crypto history like peercoin?

Im buying up more coins every week at these prices, I suspect once the reward from mining drops again we should start seeing some more price appreciation, the people buying knows Peercoin is cheap and are stake their coins, the SHA256 miners have no interest except to dump, this works in your favour as the new supply are held by people who believe in the coin.

Im big on Peercoin because of its place in history and the fact the network is still going strong, you cant change history and Peercoin was the first to pioneer proof of stake, nothing can change that, the market cap below 20 million is unbelievable.

It might take until Ethereum and Cardano transition to proof of stake that people will wake up and do a bit of research and realise how undervalued PPC is.


If ETF succeeds in converting to POS, then Bitcoin may become the next converter to POS. Does peercoin still have an advantage at that time?!


They would have to give up their deflationary economic model to do so. I highly doubt Bitcoin would ever convert. Plus you have the whole mining industry that wouldn’t let it happen.