The bear market is really there

The bear market is really there. We are waiting patiently for the bottom to form.

The bitcoin will fall below $4000, peercoin will fall below $1.5 too.It’s just my personal view.
How about you …

But at present, bitcoin is at $8,000 and PPC/XPN at $2.50. If we take your low points as indicating height (i.e. low point) of the bear market, we are still some way off.

I dont know where the bottom is; how about just buy some every tuesday to avg out?

heh, bear market

I think there’s a possibility we see prices closer to $1

maybe you right ,but need long time

The bear market reached the price of $1.5, and the next step should be the support position of $1.2.

If the peercoin team wasn’t so stubborn and only interested in there own ideas which over the last 4 years has seen peercoin go from 100 peercoin too the bitcoin too over 4000 peercoin too the bitcoin then peercoin wouldn’t be below 1.50 now it’s time for a new ideas peercoin 2.0

Besides paying taxes, holidays also need to be paid for. Holiday season is starting…

Please explain what this even means. It has already been explained that we have funding for everything we need right now. More funding is not going to help us. Right now we just need time in order to properly make use of our current funding. We are working on that.

Anyone is welcome to start their own fork, but good luck finding someone to run and code for it. I can guarantee not a single person from the current team is interested in helping with that and it takes a lot of knowledgeable and experienced people to maintain.

All peercoin had too do was redo the websiite and implement the 5 pct of mined coins go too devolpmemt and present plan too the community as too how those funds might be used and peercoin would be 10x the price it is how can you not be in favour of that

Nothing has changed with that. Maybe it’s not as fast as you’d hoped, but it’s still being redone.

I just got done saying that we don’t need anymore money right now. What we currently have is already enough for what we need to use it for. More money for core development is not going to make things happen faster, so why would that spike the price? You need to understand that and allow time for the foundation to make use of the funds it already has available. I mean the Foundation has only been operational for about a month now and we’ve already given you a partnership with StakeBox and integration with Ledger Nano S. Things aren’t going to happen instantly, so have some patience.

Panacea’s never work.

The market doesn’t like that peercoin has no marketing why don’t you get it that peercoin was 100 too the bitcoin in 2014 now it’s over 4000 too the bitcoin marketing and a warchest for devolpmemt along with an upgraded website would certainly send the price sky rocketing continue on the course your on and the decline will continue I don’t get it what’s the big deal 5 pct miner tax with well defined marketing plan for the use of funds would please everyone the last time this was being discussed certain people sabotaged the conversation with a bunch of non sense it’s a no brainer too redo the website and implement miner tax the issue people had was how will the funds be used present well thought out plan too the community and most people are certanily in favour of it

There are only certain people that have the specialized knowledge and experience required to do core development work on Peercoin. We are already reaching out to them and a warchest will not help with this at all.

I understand this, but there is not much to market at the present moment. Peercoin is currently outdated and thus it is not very presentable to the public at the moment. The Foundation is currently reaching out to certain developers to help us catch up core development. PeerAssets is also close, but not finished yet. I don’t see how marketing Peercoin right now is going to help the situation when people are just going to leave as soon as they realize how behind the curve it is. That is a waste of money and will most likely result in people developing a negative perception of us. Give us the time to improve and actually be ready before we try generating awareness so that the people we market to will actually stick around longer than a day.

You say peercoin out dated then the 5 pct miners tax could initially go too hiring more dévolpeers there is no rational reason not too be in favour of miners tax the price of peercoin would go up causing the difficulty too rise exponentially decreasing the already low inflation rate

What did I just say?

Unlimited amounts of money is not going to help in a situation where there is a very limited pool of talent that we can draw from. It only requires that we approach these people and talk to them. All the money in the world is not going to give people the needed experience to do protocol work on Peercoin.

There’s a lot of devolpers who could help peercoin do great things as I’ve said before there is no rational reason too oppose the 5pct miners tax

You are arguing for a contentious hard fork. Saying ‘there is no reason not to’ is not a very well thought out statement.