The bear market is really there


Please list their names here then. I don’t think this is true. The number of developers who truly understand the protocol is very small.

What is true is that there are lots of developers who don’t have a full understanding of things and rush to make so called “improvements” in the protocol that just end up causing problems. We require people that actually know what they’re doing.


All I’m saying is with the money from the devolpers tax you’d have a better chance too get the devolpers you want and make other devolpers you haven’t thought of available too you no one wants too work for free I don’t get it a are you happy with peercoin performance it’s been collapsing vs bitcoin for over 4 years you need a war chest anyone looking at peercoin performance in the market would agree


Money is not the obstacle. The Foundation has received a good number of funds already. The obstacles are organizational and they take time to sort out. Just be patient.

Every developer involved in Peercoin is a specialist. You can’t just hire someone off the street and expect to see any progress.


We are not asking people to work for free. As I said we are utilizing the donated funds we currently have, which is more than enough to pay the developers we need to catch up. More funding will not help us reach our goals faster, so please stop trying to force it on us.


Patiently waiting for a price of less than $1 , bitcoin down to $4500


The Peercoin community is too small nowadays. It is the main problem of Peercoin. I think Peercoin needs a marketing strategy for the rise of the Peercoin community.



I belive peercoin is still great coin




Let’s buy the Bitcoin developers. Sorts two issues at once


If peercoin team followed my simple suggestions about 5pct miner tax well explained plan of how,funds would probably be used and updated the website instead of being over 4000peercoin too the bitcoin we’d be at less then 500 peercoin too the bitcoin


What even is this?


We have funds to update the website and they are already being used. Once again, we don’t currently have a funding problem. Maybe you should give it a rest.


I think you’re underestimating how much we have to market - longest running PoS while PoW chains showing increasing centralization and energy waste. We even have examples of 51% attacks now.


Our website is still in the process of being redesigned, which will tremendously help with this. I have said this before in chat, but currently the main hold up is the written content of the website. The home page has been designed, but we need finished content in order for our web team to finish the rest of the pages and custom graphics.

I have not spoken of the layout before, but content on the website will be featured in a linear fashion. The home page lists Peercoin’s main features in a light and easy to understand way with accompanying visual graphics that help communicate ideas. Each main point will act as a small teaser and will include a link to more in-depth explanations featured on the next page.

After the newbie friendly home page, the next “what is peercoin?” page is where the main content is featured. It will feature a long article that explains the network from beginning to end. It starts with explaining how we have started moving away from centralized entities with distributed public ledgers. It covers what a blockchain is, their core benefits, what happens when a blockchain loses decentralization, PoW and Bitcoin’s many faults, PoS and Peercoin’s many benefits and finally a section on Peercoin’s philosophy on scaling “the backbone/base layer philosophy”.

This will basically act as the ultimate introduction to Peercoin and over the course of the article it will build a case for why Peercoin is so important. I also want to include graphic visualizations to help break up the long text and to better communicate concepts to the reader. This section is currently the main holdup. I’ve been working on it in my spare time for months now. I’ve had to stop several times in order to do more research on certain subjects, but it’s getting closer to completion. Once it is finished I’ll submit it to our team for review, editing and improvement and then I’ll submit it to the web team to build the page around it. This text can possibly be converted to video form later on.

Every page will be connected and will contain a link to continue on to the next page. The next page after this is the getting started page, which features helpful info like how to download and install the wallet, how to buy PPC and start minting or mining etc… The final page is our resources page, which is setup to expose the user to a variety of community resources and tools that may be helpful to them. For example our various forums/chats/social media accounts, Peercoin’s roadmap, 3rd party projects such as PeerAssets, our documentation website once it features enough content, the foundation, whitepaper, newsletter, logo graphics, etc…

So the website redesign is making progress, but it will still take some time to complete. It will act as the main introduction to Peercoin, so we are trying to make it as convincing and informative as possible. We are currently in a bear market, so this is the perfect time to get important work like this (and core development) done to be ready for when market sentiment changes again.


It’s a great idea.Exciting


You work on the website sounds wonderful you’ve mentioned many times that funding is not an issue for,peercoin so,why do,you need too work on the website all,this time by yourself it would be so beneficial too peercoin if the new website was completed you should hire some one too,help you complete your work on the website it’s ridiculous that the website should take this long and you are doing it by yourself


We have a paid team working on it, but they can only handle the design aspect. Only a member of the team like myself who understands the network can do the written content and explanations and that is what takes the extra time. Once the written content is finished then the web team can take that and finish up the rest of the website.