Testing: Peercoin v0.10

Please do not run in production

v0.10 changelog:

  • rebase to bitcoin-core 0.20
  • removed support for sync-checkpoints

RC1 released:


rc2 is out https://github.com/peercoin/peercoin/releases/tag/v0.10.0ppc.rc2

please test and report issues


Anyone been able to mint with a bech32 address yet?

Yes it was done a number of times on testnet.

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I have not been able to mint for 3 days on testnet with a bech32 address. Can it be the same issue as Zangy has here: No minting going on for months now


Run it in -debug mode and attach logs pls.

debug.log (56.5 KB)

@Zangy had different problem, his wallet had keys exhausted and wallet was read only, so no new keys could be created.
@sandakersmann if you can send me the key i could debug, or you could try opening this wallet on 0.9

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rc3 is out:

Note: There is a regression. Client is unable to mint from bech32 addresses, and it has been decided that this will be a non-fix from now. Bech32 addresses should only be used for coins which are meant for spending.

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