(Success!) Pooling 6k PPC for Changelly Support

The Peercoin Foundation has been in communication with the instant cryptocurrency exchange platform Changelly about a possible listing. The Foundation believes this is an important strategic exchange for Peercoin to be listed on for a number of different reasons. As shown in their 24 hour statistics, the exchange currently enjoys a high rate of usage…

They also have many official partners which use their service. Most importantly though, Changelly offers the option to acquire crypto through the use of a Visa card. Not only will this provide global access to Peercoin, but it will make purchasing easier as the user will be able to transition directly from fiat to Peercoin instead of going through another cryptocurrency first.

After some negotiation, the final quote we have received from Changelly is 16k PPC. The Peercoin Foundation is willing to put up 10k PPC in support of this as long as the community is willing to pledge the additional 6k that is needed.

If you are interested in helping, please post the number of PPC that you’re willing to pledge to this endeavor in the comments below. After we receive 6k PPC worth of pledges, we will ask for pledgers to officially donate so the Foundation can move forward with coordinating the transaction with Changelly. If you have any questions, feel free to post them below.

I will pledge 500 PPC to this, so 5,500 PPC left.

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I’ll pledge 500 PPC.

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Count me in for 500 ppc as well.

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I can do 500 PPC also.


1000 ppc from me


3k PPC left now. :slightly_smiling_face:

Count me in for another 500 PPC

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you can have some wallet dust: 0.0063638 BTC (minus fees)

DONATE to the Peercoin Exchange Listing Fund - Let’s Expand Access to Peercoin!


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The exchange fund you linked is actually separate from this. This is just a one time deal and is designated in PPC only. You’re welcome to donate to the exchange fund, but we will need to allocate it toward a different exchange in the future.

ill throw in 1000


Thank you! :blush:

1,500 PPC left.

I’m not a big holder for the moment but i give 100PPC, i hope that the exchange will not sell all just after :crossed_fingers:

you can’t have my peercoin, that’s all you get.

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I hope you understand nobody here is pressuring you to do anything. You are free to do as you wish. :slightly_smiling_face:

All I was saying is that any BTC donation would not go to this proposal. Thanks for offering though.


I thought it was obligatory to keep using peercoin or transactions would get blacklisted… :thinking:


Nah, you’re good. No worries.

I’m pledging 150 PPC. I’m pretty broke at the moment so can’t contribute as much as I’d like to.


I’m running low too but I can pledge 100 PPC. Hope we’ll get to 6k because changelly is a great plateform to switch coins :slight_smile:

I am ready to give 50 ppc. I do not hold much of it so if small participations are accepted I am in.

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I pledge 500 PPC.

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