Peercoin v0.8 Hard Fork and September Monthly Update!

v0.8 Hard Fork Activated

The v0.8 hard fork has gone live today after many months of hard work and effort. We’ve made an effort to reach out to all the various services, exchanges, and miners, but there may be a few who haven’t updated. If you are aware of any, please let us know so that we can contact them to make the upgrade go as smoothly as possible. A special thank you to the contributors below who played a major role in the release!


@backpacker69 @peerchemist @EvgenijM86 @Sunny_King @sandakersmann

Changelly Listing

As was announced a few weeks previous, Peercoin will be listing on Changelly in the next few days. The Peercoin Foundation offered 10k Peercoins, with an addition 6k coming from the community to support the listing! Peercoin will go live in the next few days! A huge and sincere thank you to everybody who made this possible!



Thread: (Success!) Pooling 6k PPC for Changelly Support

Website Upgrade has been upgraded to be modern, scalable, and in react.JS, thanks to @kazzkiq! Not only is the experience much smoother, but it will now allow for translated pages which is only fitting for our international community. Thank you for your hard work!

Peercoin Party

Peercoin Party was finished after months of hard work from @willy! Peercoin Party allows you to make art from block hashes or addresses. You can check it out here and look up your own blocks here:




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