Stratum Peercoin Mining Official Support Thread

Hello all and welcome to FuzzyPool :smiley:

I was fortunate enough to be given the source code for TheSeven’s pool that he is shutting down on the 31st October. So I have setup so that miners still have a choice in pools to mine on :slight_smile:

if you go to you will see a choice of the BTC and PPC pools to chose from. will take you directly to the PPC Pool and information on how to get setup anf FAQ and freenode chat for live support is there as well :slight_smile: many thanks goes to TheSeven for his hard work put in on this pool. I shall leave his donation addresses on the pool while this pool is running so if you want to donate directly to FuzzyBear for running this current pool then please do so on this PPC address: PRWh8Qp9qKLn5upPS8UrUxsUxGF7UcaQuH
[size=14pt]Pool Features:[/size]

[li]No registration![/li]
[li]2% fee[/li]
[li]ESMPPS reward model (low variance)[/li]
[li]PPLNS reward model (if you like that better)[/li]
[li]Optional: payout after only 12 confirmations[/li]
[li]Dynamically adjusting difficulty[/li]
[li]All new pool server software[/li]
[li]JSONRPC API for statistics[/li][/ul]

Any questions please ask or technical issues please post in here

Many thanks and happy mining!