[SOLVED] How to PoS mine using headless 'peercoind'?

I’ve been googling and even looking at peercoin examples but i cannot find anywhere how to turn on PoS mining without involving the qt-client. please can someone let the community know how to turn on pos mining using the headless server and an unencrypted wallet. (I would like to leave the wallet unencrypted because it is easier for my current circumstances).

Any help would e greatly appreciated. Thanks :slight_smile:

When a wallet, in the state you have mentioned, is not encrypted, and connected to the peercoin network, it is already PoS mining already.

Actually there is no way to turn off the Proof-of-Stake minter that I’m aware of (unless you encrypt the wallet and don’t use the walletpassphrase command to unlock it for minting purposes)

So congratulations, it is doing what you already wanted. Now just be super patient while it does its thing.

One way to double-verify that your wallet isn’t encrypted and is eligible to create proof-of-stake blocks is to run this:

ppcoind walletpassphrase junkpass 999999

With no real passphrase (use the word “junkpass” for example) parameters. If it says this:

error: {“code”:-17,“message”:“Error: Wallet is already unlocked, use walletlock first if need to change unlock settings.”}

…then you have an unlocked wallet, and you ARE minting PoS.

that’s great, thanks so much for the response :slight_smile: