SCAM ALERT! Peercoin Web Wallet PPC-WALLET.COM - Let's SHUT THEM DOWN, Report it Today! is a high ranking website in Google when you search for Peercoin Wallets. It’s supposed to be an online web wallet, however we have received multiple reports going back to early 2014 from our users here, chat and social media that their coins were stolen by this service.

The user deposits the coins, but is unable to move or withdraw them after that. DO NOT USE IT! Once their criminal activity starts being reported in this community and in public chat, the owner of the website starts forwarding the domain to (our official website).

They switch from their scam website to forwarding to Peercoin’s official website whenever a lot of attention is on them. Then once the focus on them drops back to low levels, they switch the website back to continue scamming unsuspecting people. From this, we can determine that the scammer is most likely keeping an eye on our community to watch for signs that people are onto his operation.

Let’s all report this website and get them shut down so no more people fall victim to it. You can send emails and complain to the following places. The higher in price Peercoin gets, the more this will become a problem, so we need to do something about it now, not later.

#1. Report to Authorities


Make sure to include a link to this thread in any reports for evidence.

[quote]###Inside of the United States

You may wish to file a report with the appropriate authorities and/or your regional fraud reporting center — such as the Internet Crime Complaint Center (

You may also contact the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), which handles complaints about deceptive or unfair business practices. To file a complaint, visit, call 1-877-FTC-HELP.

###Outside of the United States

If your complaint is against a company in a country other than the United States, you can file it at You can also find information on where to report in locations outside the United States at[/quote]

#2. Report to Google

The website would not be a problem if Google did not list it so high in search results. You can report it to Google here…

You can also go to the bottom of a google search that you find it on and ‘send feedback’ with a screenshot of the fraudulent site.

Reporting them to domain and web hosts has produced no results, because they keep switching services. You can see that info here…

Original Message…

Basically, I tried this service out recently but had problems depositing Peercoins - it took me several hours despite well over 6 confirmations. I tried emailing support, but over 48 hours later I have yet to receive a response. The Peercoins were eventually deposited, however I have been unable to withdraw them again, and we’re coming up to 36 hours on that. Overall, I would recommend people avoid this service. It is a shame, but I hope this saves someone from having to go through the hassle I have.

I started this thread on Reddit to discuss this as well:

thanks for the heads up about this service.

Sorry sounds like you are having troubles and might have lost some PPC but i will say…

never heard of this site or service before, so hopefully they are still ironing out the bugs etc and have just not really informed people on the website. Most people here have other 9-5 jobs and r busy people so going a while not hearing is not unheard of, but they do need to improve if they want to run a serious business.

Hope everything gets resolved for you in a good way and can everyone avoid using this site until the issues are resolved as raised in the OP.


Thank you. Basically I tried sending 1.01 Peercoins to that Peer4commit thing for the website from the . I sent it to PKZFRs83BdcDR9d56k25xUFXjLvYLHqeG3 but I don’t know how to check it got there as I find the explorer things confusing. However, it is still showing as ‘Processing’ in the online wallet so I doubt it went. The site comes up pretty high when you search for ‘online peercoin wallet’.

The best blockchain explorer I know of for Peercoin is:
This blockchain explorer is powerful and can search four different cryptocurrencies so make sure it is set on PPC for Peercoin searching.

You can paste your Peercoin receiving address into the search window there to see if the coin you sent has been received.

You can also paste in the address you are sending from to see if your coin was sent.

For example:
I don’t see that 1.01 PPC has been received there yet at the time of my posting this.

Sorry you are having problems with the website you mentioned. I have never heard of it before. For security you should be running the Peercoin client 0.3.0 linked at the top of this forum (soon to be upgraded).

Good Luck to you.




So are there 2 distinct sites?” and “
(The latter one doesn’t seem to be actively resolving anywhere.)

Has anyone else attempted using these sites?

The first definitely makes some grandiose and inaccurate claims:
“Peercoin(ppcoin) payments arrive instantly, have no fees, are totally anonymous, work anywhere in the world.”

Seeing as how it is still in the top 10 English Google results for “peercoin wallet” I think there is some serious concern for bad publicity here.

Somebody just messaged the mods on /r/peercoin about being scammed by this website. I just tried searching “Peercoin Wallet” like learnmore said and it’s the 9th option listed. This is a pretty bad situation. Is there anything we can do to have it labeled as a scam site and delisted by web search sites?

I hope this reply will reveal. I can’t stress enough about how dirty it is when they receive your transaction and won’t deliver when you decide to retrieve! Online wallets are now tainted because of this and I’m better off learning the lesson. Download the wallets! Keep a low minimum on your exchange! If you have a hard time with a wallet that you downloaded or it hasn’t been updated because of common glitches for a while, where you can’t find any help with it. Then that particular coin should be a red flag concerning your investment. Desktop wallets offer all the security it can give you, your computer maintenance is a factor that applies to the individual. There is no hope with this online service, it’s going on my 2nd week on asking about my coins and not one single reply. Even “Sucker” would have sufficed! I’m still learning and I’ve already lost enough when it comes to the Crypto-Attack!

Hello, Cryptocranky1

I am so sorry you have had this experience. It is not the coin to blame (whether PPC or any other) - it is the makers of the online wallet - they are either disorganised or fraudulent

Annoying though it is, please start again. Members of the Peercoin community here will support you, and guide you through


why did i find this thread after I transferred PPCs to the

Did anyone know, if one got his coins back?

I installed my wallet on my PC and I can’t receive PPCs.
After that I looked up in GOOGLE for online wallet PPC and the first match was

So I created an accout and bought some (>100) :’( PPC and transferred it into the wallet.
One day later - I don’t know why - the wallet on my PC is online ???

Now I transferred the PPCs from to my local wallet and… nothing happens --> status ‘processing’.

I thought maybe it takes mor time. Bit now I fount this thread… :o … damn.

Can anyone help me, plz?

Report to police.
Their hosting provider (or provider of their provider) is .
IP United States Texas Houston Internet Services Inc.

They have 4th position at G****e on “ppc wallet”. Is there any way to report them to G**gle?

report !!! WTF? !!!

You should also warn people on bitcointalk, many people just buy a few of every altcoin and only check the alt section there. I also don’t get why you should use a online wallet, if you want to store your coins online just leave them on an trusted exchange (not btc-e they already get enough stake ;)).

It is unlikely that Google will take the link down unless thousands of people complain.

Found some tips on this site on what best to do in case of scams (which is different from phising).

Take Scam Sites Down at the Source

If you want to protect people from scam sites then here are two things you can do today:

  1. Report the scam sites to the authorities:

FTC in America (

Internet Crime Complaint Center (

Complaints against foreign companies (

  1. Warn others by posting a review on a public website that appears in Google

This scam website has taken another victim. I’ll message social media as a warning not to use it.

Edit: I was looking around and it was recommended to contact the website hosting their domain name. I checked the whois page and was the registrar. I sent them a support request linking to this thread. If they revoke the domain name then the Google search ranking for that domain will be useless.

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I was just informed through Facebook that another victim has lost around 459.4 PPC. We need help from the community to take this website down. Please send emails and complain to the following places.

##Domain Host

##Server Host Details

Decimal: 3098401738
ASN: 36351
ISP: Internet Services
Organization: SoftLayer Technologies

I updated the original post with lots of info on what we can do to report them.

Hi there,

I think I’ve fallen for this scam yesterday as well :(. Wanted to withdraw peercoins to another wallet and status is still “processing”.

Anything I can do now? Appreciate any help.

Best regards

Filed complaints with enom and namecheap again.