Reducing Split Frequency from 90 days to 60 days

The sweet spot for minting is between 90 days and 360 days in order to maximize PoS difficulty and profits, given rfc11. The current client behavior causes any output that mints after less than 90 days causes the output to split into two. The reason for this is that smaller outputs increase PoS difficulty by producing more blocks for the same number of coins, and that those blocks come in more regular patterns. However, the current setting may be too aggressive, regularly creating outputs that are between 20 and 40 ppc over long periods of time (years). These outputs can sometimes take over a year to mint, which would reduce rewards according to rfc11. A split frequency of 60 days may be more reasonable, and would not result in a big change in PoS difficulty since the 60-90 day interval has a reduced mint chance increase anyway.


I think this is sane thinking, probably best to have a formal RFC about it. It should be included in v0.9.

I want to do a combo rfc with this and Pooling Coinstakes