Reduce Peercoins transaction fee by 10!

I feel we should reduce Peercoins transaction fee by 10, being 0.001 beginning from version 0.4.0.

I expect a rise in value of Bitcoins of 10x in between the next 2 years. And I expect a success of Peercoins also, this rising the value of Peercoins 10x to Bitcoins. If this is happening, the fee will rise from 2 US-Cents now to 2 USD then.

Don’t make this coin a rich man’s coin, it will be his death too. I know Sunny’s opinion to this, but I’m sure that I’m right. Prepare on rising coin values, not to panic if its too late.

Not so sure about your predictions, but I do agree with you that we need to be prepared either way. There have been several discussions/threads in the past about models where the fee is adjusted to one or more parameters in such a way that it is reasonable stable, but will adapt to changing circumstances in time.

So I would advocate to prepare for a smart fee (fixed fee with ability to adjust), not just a fixed fee