Recent price hike?

I’m very curious - does anyone know why PPC has just jumped over 60% today?

At one point it doubled today…

IE, the same thing whales do to peercoin traders every single time.

PPC is very thinly traded, which means it’s really difficult to acquire any substantial stake. So, any real buying will push up prices very quickly. A Coinbase or Binance listing could be a 10x event for the price.

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Ever since the initial run up to $5 earlier in the year, Peercoin has been floating around $1. All this time Bitcoin has slowly been trending back up, with Peercoin stuck where it was. I think it was only a matter of time until we saw a breakout and Peercoin would start catching back up.

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Elon realized that a green alternative has been around since 2012 and decided to buy.

stop pumping…focus on product and project execution. PEERCOIN don’t even have CEO.

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I’d be fascinated to see how your working definition of a CEO fits into the framework of a decentralized peer to peer protocol.


price jumps 30% and whole team come up for pumping thier bags…lol

Happy to talk any time, we are pretty active over on discord (Peercoin Official). Feel free to pitch your idea for a decentralized CEO, I’d love to hear it.


Ask sunny king to give up peercoin
and make SCOTT Nadal CEO…