Raspberry pi for mining?

I’m working for a tech tech company that is doing a lot with cryptocurrancy. I have a few peercoins in my wallet and I’m excited to solve a proof of stake block. However, I cant seem to get my boss excited about mining.

I think it could be worth our time to gather some proof of work ppc. Anyway I really want to prove him wrong, I’ve heard its much more energy efficient than mining for bitcoin. We have a couple raspberry pi 3’s laying idle around the office and I was hoping to put them to work. Does anyone know about mining on raspberry pi? I’ve set up Raspberian on one before, but I’m certainly not an expert. Any insight would be much appreciated

Mining (vs. proof-of-stake miniting) is not really more economical (and therefore “energy efficient”) than mining for Bitcoin. It’s true that you’ll probably burn less total energy mining Peercoin (thanks to the lower hashrate), but you’ll actually earn a slightly lower margin: http://www.coinwarz.com/miningprofitability/sha-256

However, if you are willing to hold onto your mined PPC rather than sell them immediately on the market… you may see that mining PPC now is more energy efficient after all as the value of PPC climbs relative to BTC later. ;D

No it’s not. You should assume mining with the same hardware, you’ll burn the same amount of energy.
Profitability is very similar to bitcoin, if it wasn’t, miners would switch to peercoin.