Peershares Video

In the Peercoin video launch thread there was talk of redoing the narration:

[quote=“sportscliche, post:42, topic:2459”]I agree that changing the narrator voice is unlikely to make the video go viral. That said, I do like the idea of substituting a female voice. My suggestion is Stephanie Murphy from Lets Talk Bitcoin:

The reasons are: i) provides the video with high visibility because of her connection with LTB (Adam B Levine, Andreas Antonopolous), ii) she understands the crypto-space at an expert level and would thus give PPC a pseudo-endorsement, iii) her voice is nothing short of amazing. She might even be cheaper and willing to accept compensation in PPC.[/quote]

There was also this point:

However, we already have a great Peercoin video and it would be a lot of effort to change it for little benefit.

So it seems like a possible way to make everyone happy would be to make a Peershares video that:

[ul][li]Has a female narration (Stephanie Murphy if possible).[/li]
[li]Has a more serious tone to appeal to a different audience.[/li][/ul]

Peershares is in need of a boost at the moment, and any video on Peershares it still really an advertisement for Peercoin too. It also would give a chance to present Peercoin from a different angle i.e. explaining the benefits of its ecosystem instead of just focusing on the coin itself.

Just a thought.

Edit: By the way there is already this introductory video for Peershares.

I would be supportive of that for what it is worth.

It would build on the introductory video and probably steal some elements from the NuBits video to show how it works. On top of that is should show what the benefits are as opposite to using classic crowd-funding sites and how to get started in a nutshell (and referring to sources).

From my understanding, once Nu is open sourced, it would then be possible to take the motion voting code and implement it into Peershares. That functionality is not currently available yet, so we wouldn’t be able to include it in the video. A mechanism for shareholder voting is a very important feature that needs to be included in any advertisement like this.

Also, the ability to create your own Peershares DAC by inputting some variables (like here) is a must for ease of use by beginners. Should we wait for a video until some of these important things are implemented?

If it is certain that motion voting will eventually be available for Peershares (even in the event that nu stays closed source), then work on the video could be started and only released when it has been implemented, as it will likely take a while for the video to be made anyway.

The roll-your-own-DAC thing is less certain that it will happen so I don’t think it is worth waiting for.

The new video could be coincided with an update to At the moment the website doesn’t explain how to get started, or link to the guide on the github wiki. The main part of the site should also be more neutral; there can be a separate page where current Peershares implementations are described.

I’m not sure whether the lack of interest in Peershares is due lack of awareness or due to the fact that the more interesting features are not available for it yet, but the latter is not in our control so it is probably worth trying to raise awareness.

The community enthusiasm for re-narrating the Peercoin video has completely flamed out. There hasn’t been a post in that thread in nearly 6 weeks, which is the same time that I’ve left Stephanie Murphy hanging. If a new Peershares video does go forward and she is considered for narration, we’ll have to be particularly gracious in how we approach her.

Maybe now isn’t the best time then, but this is the type of thing I was thinking about:

It may also be a consideration to combine Peershares and PeerApps etc. into a general Peercoin Ecosystem video instead.

[quote=“river333, post:6, topic:3313”]Maybe now isn’t the best time then, but this is the type of thing I was thinking about:

It may also be a consideration to combine Peershares and PeerApps etc. into a general Peercoin Ecosystem video instead.[/quote]


might help also getting more “walk-in customers” interested and spread the word (which is still what’s needed most)!