Peercoin Minting must be always open?



i will minting in Peercoin but i need to keep the application up or I can close the application for the staking?

(Sorry for my English)


It needs to be up and “unlocked for minting only”. A synced client should not take up many resources.



Okay I will use my Raspberry Pi for this ^^
But there a version GUI of peerunity?


why not try peerbox? it is designed to securely mint peercoins on your raspberry pi

/shameless plug


Okay… with peerbox, we must download the Blockchain?



you can even get 20 PPC with it if you run a full node :slight_smile:


Okay, but I already download the blockchain, there is a .conf file? for -dbcache=xxxx


yes in ~/.ppcoin/ppcoin.conf