Peercoin blocks on steriods

Hi all,

You might have noticed that our PoS blocks are coming at a very high rate.
The block spacing is much smaller than our 10min target.

Once the minting power decreases again, the spacing will be much larger than the target.

Peercoin’s difficulty algorithm has an “accordion effect”.

I’d like to take the opportunity to bring my block time stabilization proposal back for discussion as it would solve this “accordion effect”.


Would this be less of a problem if there were more PPC nodes?

seems like it may be a mark of immaturity/consolidation of funds within the active staking addresses.

Having a predictable block rate is preferable though. It would be easier to schedule around.

Amount of nodes doesn’t matter.
This is caused by sudden changes in minting power.
It’s not a problem specific to peercoin, all chains suffer from this (PoS and PoW), but we have a way to improve this.

Sorry, I wasn’t descriptive enough. Should PPC become more popular, and more people buy it and stake properly, could you expect the accordion effect to smooth out over time?

Regardless, any sudden shifts in network hashrate is undesirable/insecure, and as a consumer I would prefer a constant, predictable block rate. If it’s not much work/maintenance to implement, that would be a welcome change.