Peercoin April Monthly Summary


Post-Hard Fork

  • We are now over a month into the Peercoin v0.7 hard fork and things have gone smoothly. We are looking forward to the completion of v0.8 which should be completed soon.

Peercoin Legal Risks Memo

April 24th Chain Reorganization

  • On April 24th, Poloniex reported a chain reorganization on the Peercoin chain. Upon investigation, it was established that a large miner came on the network and found six PoW blocks in rapid succession. These blocks were quickly orphaned by the network. We will be keeping a close eye on miner interest. You can see the spike in orphan blocks here: PeerCoin Extraction.

Peercoin Hashing Power

  • Hashing power has remained stable relative to previous months.


Peercoin History Book Released

Peercoin mentioned on CW’s “The Flash”

Peercoin Website Translations

  • We have completed several translations of the website including German, Spanish, and Chinese, with several others nearing completion. We look forward to these being integrated into the current website in the near future.

Peercoin v0.8

  • Version 8 of the Peercoin protocol will mark the completion of bringing Peercoin up-to-date with the Bitcoin Core codebase. This means more integration and additional features such as Segwit and Lightning Network compatibility. Stay tuned for more updates as they come.

Top Forum Posts for the month of April


This is the summary of activity for the last month! Stay tuned for more updates. To stay up-to-date with all things Peercoin, come say hi on our forums or our Discord/Telegram.


Thanks, Sentinel
What are the implications of the April 24th Chain Reorganization, is this good or bad?

It does not mean anything really, just a minor nuisance.

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Could be even good - network was tested, and it stood it’s task of defending itself.

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