Peercoin History Book 2012-2019

Page 99:

I’m pretty sure it was the same Rocket Chat service. It was just the domain name that had changed.

Page 108:

This is true, however FuzzyBear did not complete the task and left the community shortly after. Sigmike is ultimately the developer who implemented the design.

Page 109:

This does not seem to be too important, plus the text snippet used after is a little immature. Is there a good reason for including mention of this article?

Page 115:

This sentence sounds like it may be missing words. Did you mean to say as the chart shows?

Page 122

The Foundation logo here seems kinda low-res. Maybe it would make more sense to use the banner with the green backgound currently on the website here:

Page 127:

Solled was not actually hired as a paid employee or contractor. The board simply voted for him to have this responsibility. It is a volunteer role which he accepted.

Issue sounds like it needs an s at the end of it. Also does there really need to be a comma before the word code? Not sure if that’s right or not.

Page 131:

Maybe say that it was submitted by Nagalim.


Instead of ending the main content about a small exchange adding Peercoin trading, I think it would make more sense to end with the announcement that we were beginning testing on v0.8. As you know this upgrade will finally bring Peercoin close to being current with Bitcoin, so I think it’s nice to end on a teaser for the future: Team Update #26: Peercoin v0.8~RC1 Released for Testing

Overall great job! Thanks for the time you spent on this project!

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Thank you for reading through the book :slight_smile:

I will act on the feedback above. An updated PDF will be posted as soon as I can.

Book cover quote:


There were some discussions about Proof-of-Stake as a consensus system on Bitcointalk in 2011. So Sunny king and Scott Nadal didn’t invent it, but they coded the first implementation.

Here is a link from July 2011:

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Thank you Otzi :smiley:

I will give the team time to check for any other errors before publication.

Invented, as nobody has described how to implement the PoS system.

Sunny did an interview where he said that he and Scott implemented PoS without knowing about the discussion that was taking place on Bitcointalk.

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Wow Tyke I just scrolled through the sample and it looks incredible!

I’ll send a donation your way, thankyou very much for this, I’ll be sure to read through the whole book.

This is the sort of stuff that will help to keep our Coin to remain relevant, the place in crypto history.


@dirkmirk thank you for your high praise.

Page 10

typo: through, not though.

I think this sentence sounds better worded like this…

It was the first cryptocurrency of its kind to use proof of stake timestamping to secure decentralisation alongside proof of work, which distributed the majority of PPC.

Page 16

Typo: Peercoin, not Peercoim.

Page 17

Remember that we simply changed the name.

Page 18

Maybe it’s better to say that BTC-e was shut down. This makes it sound like they delisted us for some reason.

Page 19

Maybe put down that v0.8 RC1 was released for testing.

Page 22

This is incorrect. A minter’s probability of finding a new block reaches its maximum after 90 days. After this period of time a minter’s stake reaches maturity and their chances of minting a new block are maxed out. All of these rules are put in place in order to prevent minters with high coin age from being able to hold a monopoly on the block generation process and to give others a better chance of minting.

Page 24

Can we remove this part? I find it discouraging and ultimately there is no way to predict what will happen. It is true that funds are not currently used to market Peercoin while it’s development is still in need of catching up, but that won’t always be the case. Further, as we develop use cases for the chain and the number of regular users starts to increase, that will surely impact the price in some way. I don’t think we can say definitively that the answer to this is no. It also depends how many coins are owned by the individual.

Page 25

I don’t have any reason to believe these addresses will change in the future, but it could always be a possibility. Maybe a better way to do this would be to link to the foundation page on the website where the addresses will always be accurate:

Page 99

I think this still sounds like a new service started up. Again, only the name of the domain had changed. The chat service and all its history remained the same.

Page 109

I mentioned this before in my last post, but this whole section here seems highly unnecessary.

Page 131

I think you forgot to remove the period where you inserted the colon.


I noticed that in the interviews you bolded some of the user names for the people that are talking, but not all of them. It doesn’t look consistent because of this.

Also, I think you are missing the most important interview, Peercointalk Community Interview #2. This is the most important interview because in the beginning it’s the first time Sunny explained to us his vision of Peercoin as a backbone currency, what is called a trustless base layer today.


I feel the back of the cover would be more readable if it was not in all caps. It seems difficult to read the way it is currently presented.


Great news!

After nearly three months of hard work and dedication, the Peercoin history book has been published. There are two versions on Amazon (a colour version and a black and white version). Kindle versions have also been uploaded.

US B&W version:

US Colour version:

The Kindle version has not appeared on the US Amazon website. I expect it to be available later. Here is the UK Amazon Peercoin Kindle version link:


Hope this helps raise awareness for ya :). Posting to our other channels as well

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great job :+1: ,peercoin is a great coin

Just reposted to Twitter. Seems there was an error where the first tweet did not show up on the Twitter feed. It’s visible now though. Also posted on Facebook and our Bitcointalk thread.

If we send out a newsletter soon, I’ll also include it in that.


Thanks Tyke, I look forward to buying a copy in the near future.

Thank you. If the community want me to write a even more detailed book in the future, I am up for the challenge :slight_smile:


Just bought my copy.


Great, my copy’s arrived. Thanks, Christopher.

Peercoin already has its own book?

It’s great to see a community that is engaged like that. I just bought the book to support you and to be able to know more about the beginning of Peercoin.

Long live Peercoin community, you guys rock!

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This is second actually.