Peercoin 4th Anniversary WIN 100 PPC - IMAGE GALLERY and CONTEST

[size=12pt][font=arial black]In aid of celebrating Peercoin’s 4th Anniversary Event, please use this thread to upload your Peercoin related photo.

[size=14pt]The best photo or meme contribution will be judged on August 21st, and the
[size=14pt]winner awarded 100 free Peercoins[/size] from ppcman.
If anyone else would like to contribute their own award, specify what type of photo you’d like to judge.

[size=12pt]Some ideas:[/size]

  1. Take a picture of the Peercoin logo, and hold it up near a major landmark. Peercoiners are all over the world. Think of the travelocity gnome how it appears everywhere. Let’s show at Peercoin is everywhere too.

  2. Find and create a unique meme that really shows off why Peercoin is still going strong, or why Peercoin’s future is bright.

  3. Be strange and unique. A flower pot full of peercoin flowers. I don’t know. Think weird and crazy.

[size=12pt]THE RULES:[/size]

  1. No profanity, hate, or vulgar language

  2. No attacking other coins or making fun of other people

  3. Keep this in good taste. We’re looking for “positive” toned images. Nothing negative. It’s a celebration. Let’s be happy!

  4. Only the first 3 images “per person” will be judged. Be very selective of what you choose to submit. Do not submit more than 3

When posting a photo, you do not need to display your Peercoin address to win the award until after the winner is chosen. At that time, I will ask you to publically post your address, so people can verify the 100 peercoin transaction took place.

Again, anyone else wanting to put up a reward, please PM ppcman and let me know:

a) What type of photo you’d like to encourage or see.
b) What kind of peercoin reward you are offering.

You will get recognition for contributing an additional reward. (I’ll act as escrow for the award. My wallet address is always visible.)

LOL… if no one posts an image, I automatically win 100 peercoins! Neat!

Hi… I’m posting my peercoin image here. Hope everyone likes it :slight_smile:

It seems I’m the 1st contestant who posted an image here … :slight_smile:

Peace for cryptoworld!

If no one else posts an image, we have an automatic winner of 100 peercoin.

Weird how no one wants to even try… ?

[quote=“ppcman, post:5, topic:4016”]If no one else posts an image, we have an automatic winner of 100 peercoin.

Weird how no one wants to even try… ?[/quote]

I will advertise this tomorrow.

Can we submit more than 1 image? :slight_smile:

Good question.

No, I’ve added rule #4

No more than 3 images per person. This way we don’t have someone attempt to upload 100 variations. lol.

Here’s my 2 cents…

My quick take.
(a tutorial on how to attach pictures to peercointalk wouldn’t go amiss)

And mine :slight_smile:

To embed an image, put square brackets around the link like this:


it will then embed the image in your post. Either way, if someone still doesn’t embed the image, and I can still click the link, I will see the image as a contest entry, so don’t worry.

Lol, I like that last one. :smiley:

The good news, is that even though it costs me 100 ppc. I get to choose. If some one else wants to put up a bounty for 2nd place, they get to choose. :slight_smile:

Glad to see people are participating. This is a lot of fun. I may contribute my own photo, even if I am disqualified since I’m the one handing out the prize. Thinking on what I might do…

One I’d like to see, is maybe the “scales of justice” statue, where Peercoin is weighed heavier than USD fiat dollars. That would be a good contender.

Hmm… I will put my own preferences aside and really choose a good winner on August 21st.

just kidding guys

long life PPC

Oh I can make such a meme :stuck_out_tongue:


Happy 4th birthday peercoin! ;D

Happy 4th birthday… this is my peercoin image