Peercoin 4th Anniversary WIN 100 PPC - IMAGE GALLERY and CONTEST

Wow. Some clearly interesting, creative, and different images so far in the contest. I’m worried that this is going to put extra pressure on me, since I’m the only one who put up the 100 ppc reward.

I may not choose what everyone would like me to choose. I invite anyone interested in putting up their own reward to consider it.

I’m still looking for more images. I sometimes have an out-of-the-box style of thinking. So be ready for that…

We’re down to the crunch. Steemit post mentioning the contest is here:

Good luck everyone!


A Winner has been chosen.

First of all, I want to mention to all contest participants, I really do thank each and every one of you for your contribution. Part of the fun of the contest was seeing the different people participate. You all deserve a pat on the back, a handshake, and a thank you.

It was really nice to see all the entries.

The image, I chose, had these qualities:

  1. It was different, and not expected

  2. It didn’t showcase someone’s photoshop skills vs someone who doesn’t know photoshop.

  3. If there were more prizes, believe me, more people would have won an award. This is something to strive for next year.

  4. Three different images “blew me away”. This is why I wanted others to volunteer a reward. No one did. So this contest “this time” won’t seem fair when good work should be rewarded as well, even as a second place. I apologize, but there is only 1 winner, and I get to pick it, since I’m the one forefeiting the coins for the prize.

  5. The winner revealed their identity, took a picture in an interesting place. I wanted to show “Peercoin around the world” like the travelocity gnome as one of the ideas, and this picture shows it.

  6. Before the coins are awarded, I want everyone to prove that this image is not just a photoshop edit or a “bought and paid for” model. It’s truly an original image. the reason I say that, is that there are people who “hold up signs” for money. Like all of these people

So this is the tenative winner:

Removed at the request of the submitter.

Parsonage, please post your Peercoin address. If it is proven within the next couple hours that your photo is authentic, you will see 100 peercoins sent to your address, and a transaction showing the transfer.

Yes, kodemondo was a runner up, and has amazing artistic skills. This wasn’t a drawing contest, it was a little more in depth than that… This is probably why image contests have a “panel” of judges. We don’t have a panel this time. If we did have a panel, I know other judges would have outvoted me. I think in our 5th year anniversary in 2017, we should consider having a panel.

Wow, I didn’t notice those monkeys in the background until now.

Also, what kind of proof are you looking for?

In my experience, usually people jump out, screaming foul. Things like:

a) Look at the image, when you zoom in, you can totally tell the Peercoin logo was added in later. Look at the pixels that are jagged.

– I did that, I don’t see that.

b) Hey! I saw this monkey picture 100 times with different logos there. Look here, look there, look over there. Look at this one…

– I searched. I didn’t find any

So I was giving a little bit of time for someone to notice these two things. Perhaps I’m extra diligent and there is no need. If no one says anything in the next couple of hours, I will proudly award him the prize. :slight_smile:


[quote=“parsonage, post:25, topic:4016”]Woohoo! ;D
It’s definitely real (no photoshop) I dont have access to a printer so the logo was handrawn on paper, stuck to a cornflake’s box and cut out - hence why it is yellow and not the updated gold version.[/quote]

The backstory makes it even more interesting. Cool. :slight_smile:

When you said that, I thought immediately 110% of a great job. When it came to sending the funds, I purposely sent 110 to match how I was feeling. :slight_smile:

There you go. Your comments were great.

I also have someone to thank for making this easier for me to do. Unexpected help. If you see my wallet, you’ll understand.

I have to find out more in PM. Will be sharing more on the official post-celebration thank you post that I’m currently compiling. It was a great event, and a lot of fun.

TxID: c5b32fd9d064f394f69f8bba45232e4808e451daa0b2fea191ecf342cafac4e9

I already got 3 quick confirms almost immediately after I sent it. Peercoin’s network is alive and thriving. :slight_smile:


I’ve also made you a little donation as I agree with the winner here and for inviting and helping me with the radio interview.

txnid: 91806b083ab199efcb3c7f9dc9984f2134884a7f2cc01bb02b1c27fafe61c0a7

Great work!

Congratulations Canonica and thanks to ppcman for the chance to participate in the contest. :slight_smile:

PS: sorry for my bad English (made in Google translate)

[quote=“hrobeers, post:27, topic:4016”][member=11274]ppcman[/member]

I’ve also made you a little donation as I agree with the winner here and for inviting and helping me with the radio interview.

txnid: 91806b083ab199efcb3c7f9dc9984f2134884a7f2cc01bb02b1c27fafe61c0a7

Great work![/quote]

I see it! Thank you very much hrobeers, totally unexpected, and very much appreciated.

It’s these types of donations I get occasionally that really helps me to do more organizing, planning, etc.

Thank you very, very, much.

The only reason no one has heard from me lately, is that I’m still working with Fuzzy to get the celebration radio archive up… among other things.

More coming soon.