Peerbox logo proposals

Hello peercoiners, happy birthday.

May I ask you for your opinion on proposed Peerbox logos.
Please spare a minute to see it and leave a comment as this is important to all of us. Peerbox will be one of those recognizable brands in Peercoins ecosystem and visual identity is very important.

I have chosen three, [size=14pt][/size]

From top to bottom: 1, 2, 3.

If you comment please state which one are you referring.

I prefer #1; however for the sake of consistency and “branding” I think I would like it better if it incorporated the same leaf style as in the standard Peercoin logo. In other words, the lighter-colored leaf with wider base and tip pointing leftward. Perhaps the square background could then be darker green or even the dark grey background from

Thanks again for striving toward such a polished product - I can’t wait to see Peerbox on the front page of DistroWatch! ;D

I kind of liked the second one, but those near me preferred #1. The only reason I don’t favor #1 is because the leaf is so different from the Peercoin leaf, as Learnmore mentioned.

I prefer #1 as well, but I share others concerns about the leaf used in the box. I think it should probably use the Peercoin leaf for branding consistency. The leaf used in the X can probably stay though.

By the way, I was finally able to get in contact with my designer. I guess he’s just been really busy lately. He should be able to create something soon. I’ll link him to this thread so he can see what is currently being worked on and the feedback that has been given.

my first choice was #2, because it made me think of the chemistry element Pb (Plumber),

i thought it would look really cool to make a case for the raspberry pi out of lead, except now when i thought of it a bit longer, i realized it is very toxic, and the cause of terrible pollution all around the world, so my second choice is #1 , the leaf looks a bit more like a feather to me tho

Option 2 looks like an old HTML button and the repetition (PB and then Peerbox) is weird.

Option 3 looks to me like an envelope and I don’t see how envelopes have anything to do with minting peercoins. There is a very thin green line at the bottom of the top triangle, which is strange. Also I don’t understand why there are many different shades of grey.

My choice is option 1, but I think leaf in the X should be removed or changed and the font should be changed too. The tiny line at the end of the leaf will be troublesome to deal with when scaling the image and if you’re every gonna do engraving or something like that, I could easily see it be troublesome too. I like the color though; very “eco-friendly” feeling to them.

EDIT: Sorry if I’m coming out a little bit harsh here. I really want Peerbox to be a commercial viable product that people takes seriously, so I really think the logo should be super perfect.

If for some reason you change the font, you might want to think about using Myriad Pro, which is the font we use on all of our logos (and Apple’s font). I’ve tried my best to keep all of our logos consistent looking by using the same designer, the same font and the inclusion of the little leaf in the text logo somewhere. It’s the same for Peercoin, Peerunity, Peershares and Primecoin. You can find links to all these logos here to see what I mean…


The only two places I can think of putting the little leaf in “Peerbox” though is either inside the “o” similar to what I did with Peershares and the “a” or you could put it inside the “P”. Anyway, the point is it would be great if we could keep with our current branding consistency. It’s your choice though, as it’s ultimately your project.

I prefer Option 1, by far.

Unless I am mistaken, the logo features a stylised mint leaf, and is a play on minting, which is Peerbox’s purpose - a lovely idea. The problem - darn! - is that Peercoin already has a leaf logo (to represent low energy consumption). In my view, if Peerbox is to be identified as part of the Peercoin family/community, it must display the existing Peercoin leaf, at least somewhere

Therefore, the question is: can the Peerbox logo succeed with two leaves, a big mint leaf and a smaller Peercoin leaf? Or is two leaves too much, in which case, does Peerbox need another central logo, in place of the mint leaf?

On a point of interest, the Royal Canadian Mint tries to combined the Maple Leaf with minted coins:

Yep like the others I think we should keep some consistency between the different Peercoin related logos.
Have you shown the existing logos to your graphist?
Btw I’m still successfully using your first hand-made RaspberryPi image. Will update to Peerbox for v0.5.
Thanx for all the great work!

#3 is beautiful.

Is difficult to choose all 3 of them are quite nice!

But conisdering the name I think the 3rd choice is more appropriate because of the stylised box that reminds me of a Peerbox :wink:

As the others have mentioned consistency is also a key aspect…

thank you all for replies, this topic link was given to designer and she is working on fixes.

However I must say that I agree about need for consistency across the all Peercoin logos but I’m not very fond of current designs.
So, I will strive to have something I like and something that is unique yet easily related to Peercoin.
I’m not saying I’ll disregard all of your input, just that I will insist on something beautiful.


after a while, #3 is my favorite now. I think it can become something really cool.

Are the triangles in #3 meant to come together at a point? They are a little misaligned, but I don’t know if this is intentional.

yes Chronos, all of them are just raw sketches :slight_smile:

In that case, I think I like them in this order: #3 best, then #2, then #1. All of them are good, though.

I don’t understand what #3 is supposed to be though. I’m in the same boat with Pillow I think.

Have to say that I also like #3. But it would be better to have a more clear link with the Peercoin logo or colours.

To me it is a stylistic cube with some open ‘windows’ :slight_smile: But my brain tend to see things which might not be there or others don’t see :omg:

I don’t like any of the three, sorry :frowning:

Here are the sample logos my designer was able to come up with…

A lot of them I don’t like, but I am liking 4B. Making the “o” into a cube is pretty clever and the way the cube is positioned makes it align perfectly with the “x” to the right of it. Any opinions or feedback?

[quote=“Sentinelrv, post:19, topic:2810”]Here are the sample logos my designer was able to come up with…

A lot of them I don’t like, but I am liking 4B. Making the “o” into a cube is pretty clever and the way the cube is positioned makes it align perfectly with the “x” to the right of it. Any opinions or feedback?[/quote]

1b minus the yellow is great