Peer4commit site

So many projects for ppc here…
But I can’t know, what project is succesfull, what is still in developement, what is obsolate…
No answers from develeopers… :frowning:
Need the review of this site.

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Who is the holder of this domain? (peer4commit .com) @Fuzzybear ?


o, sorry, this disscussion is duplicate of this…

As having run the peercointalk forum and server and hosting out of my own pocket for all these years and never taken from this fund. I would request the funds from

Any objections please voice them now.


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Also the peer4commit site is a great way of encouraging developers, holding PPC donated to projects and keeping the PPC off the exchanges and crashing price further. You have a catch 22 where you were waiting for the price of PPC to rise to attract developers into projects so they can be developed further. Price has risen a little and now yet again funds are wanted to be cleaned up and shuffled into other projects.

If someone wants to raise funds and rewards on a project then do so on it’s own accord. Shuffling funds donated to other projects just makes it look like you are grabbing any PPC you can from anywhere and actually have no capital to put up yourself, thus discrediting the project and decision to move funds.

I would kindly object and also I would like to see a detailed list of expenses that would justify expenses in this magnitude.

I can give breakdown of the cost for running the server and web domains etc but can I point out the purpose of the fund as per the peer4commit notes on the project:

“to help with the general costs of running the forum and to allow payment to be made in cases where significant time has been spent redesigning or adding new features to the forum updating peercointalk services”

Thus it is not just the cost of server and domain but also the time I have put into running all the services and general maintenance of peercointalk forum

If you remember there was a complete redesign of forum with the peercoin branding and logos and chosen fonts, addons etc. Think it was about 2-3 weeks work in total working and implementing the design as one large project that was done on the forum. Just after this was complete I was about to ask the community if I could take the funds but decided not to as it was just a good store of the PPC for now and would stop me cashing any out at cheaper price to pay for the server for a few months or pay me for some of the time I had spent working on it etc. As i say i never took any of this fund at the time and this is me requesting it. May I ask why you have an issue? is it the amount of PPC? is it you do not feel I have provided a service or commitment to the community to justify these funds?

So please do not feel that this peer4commit project is just for the server and domain costs of running peercointalk.



The amount seemed a bit extreme without that context, nothing else. Thank you for the details.