Peer4commit cleanup

It may be time to do another round of cleanup of the dead / redundant projects on the Peer4commit, seeing how some of them lay dormant for years and some do not make sense in the current state of affairs.

I offer no solution on what to do with the coins though.


Peerunity is abandoned / merged into core client.

This project is no longer maintained (it’s been a while), and we’re focusing on replacement which is hosted at Perhaps this funds can be funneled into further improvements of the new paperwallet made by @kazzkiq .

This project is abandoned by the upstream as well, for years.


This project is abandoned and Chizukeki is the successor project.

I am handling the packaging now, no need for funding.

New website is being prepared by foundation and sponsors, there is no need for this anymore.

Foundation has interest in using this funds for completion of a proper up-to-date Android wallet.

Mably gave permission to move ppcd project funds here.


Send the balances to The Foundation? :rocket:

Or if peer4commit is sticking around maybe put it back into peer4commit fund.

Were two things that came to mind :slight_smile:


Probably the best, and then have foundation invest them in infrastructure or hiring help if needed.

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I recommend simply shutting the website down and transferring all PPC to the foundation (with an advance community notice posted of course). Sigmike already hinted to me a couple years ago that he doesn’t like all this abandoned PPC sitting around under his watch and the situation has only worsened with time. This is a more extreme solution, but Peerchemist says he is working on a new fundraising platform project, so maybe this is the time to replace it? If not, we can go with the less extreme cleanup idea.

A lot of it is outdated… as a donator to some of those projects i support moving the funds to the foundation…

Let’s start the cleanup first, then we’ll decide what happens to the rest.

i don’t think we should be shutting down this service, more diversity there’s, better it is. there are still few projects that can definitely have bright future as soon as bright devs sees it.


Opening for public discussion.

The funds should go to the Peercoin Foundation.

It might be argued that the donations were to specific projects, rather than a general fund. However, the response to that is that donators did not intend their donations to be idle, and that the Peercoin Foundation is a natural progression from Peer4commit.

An announcement should be made via the usual channels that Peer4commit is being replaced with the Peercoin Foundation. It is not necessary for any such announcement to ask donators to consider whether they want their money back. However, if a donator does insist on a return of funds, that should be given due consideration.

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Since Sigmike is the maintainer of the website, I have asked him to comment on what he would prefer to do.

I have funds for my Android wallet on there ( I recently have done some work towards replacing the servers and I’m currently working on an update to the app. I was going to wait until I was completely finished before sending myself some of the funds, but if the future of the website is in doubt then I’ll send myself the whole amount to support continued development. It makes sense as I have had control of the funds anyway. The difference is that without the website people will not be able to see the particular distributions for particular pieces of work.


Support the projects mentioned being mentioned in OP to be transferred to Foundation.

As long as there is no good alternative I don’t believe that is a good idea.
Looking forward to a new fund-raising platform with e.g. multisig abilities though.

Ok I’ll move the funds of the projects listed by peerchemist to the foundation donation address (p92W3t7YkKfQEPDb7cG9jQ6iMh7cpKLvwK2) in 2 weeks if there’s no objection until then.


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As having run the peercointalk forum and server and hosting out of my own pocket for all these years and never taken from this fund. I would request the funds from

Any objections please voice them now.


Also the peer4commit site is a great way of encouraging developers, holding PPC donated to projects and keeping the PPC off the exchanges and crashing price further. You have a catch 22 where you were waiting for the price of PPC to rise to attract developers into projects so they can be developed further. Price has risen a little and now yet again funds are wanted to be cleaned up and shuffled into other projects.

If someone wants to raise funds and rewards on a project then do so on it’s own accord. Shuffling funds donated to other projects just makes it look like you are grabbing any PPC you can from anywhere and actually have no capital to put up yourself, thus discrediting the project and decision to move funds.

“I recommend simply shutting the website down and transferring all PPC to the foundation” - @Sentinelrv

As someone who has stepped away from the PPC community a little to gain a perspective from a standard bitcoin / crypto user and what Peercoin is about, what is the community doing and the decision they make etc. My view is that Peercoin seems very isolated and cut off from the rest of the crypto communinties.

I can not express how much a move to pile all funds raised under a peer4commit website to specific projects to be just handed over to the Peercoin Foundation would strike me as a massive inside job on the peercoin community to channel funds as they see fit into the community hands that are active atm and have a voice. Think of this as an outsider. It just looks like you have a great pyramid scheme running and no one actually has any ppc in their pockets they willing to donate to fund development. Or there just are no developers willing to put the time in on the projects that have been donated to. Ask why is this? did developers not know about them? or were they working on other projects? was the community welcoming to new developers? what was done with the “Marketing fund” to advertise and encourage new developers to help work on projects etc?


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I am ok with that.

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I can probably count the number of successful projects launched from Peer4commit on one hand. The Raspberry Pi project is the most well known. Other than that it is mostly known for collecting PPC into projects that get abandoned without any follow through from the fundraiser. It was a well intentioned website, but ultimately it failed to produce results.

Even when price was at $10 earlier this year nobody showed interest in developing anything on this website. As Peerchemist pointed out, most are outdated and abandoned projects that were relevant back in 2013/2014, but not anymore. There is little desire for most of this stuff to ever be completed. Some projects have also been completely replaced, such as Peerunity. There is no reason to keep funds for that as the project doesn’t exist anymore.

The foundation was only just recently announced. It’s understandable that there is little funds at the moment. The point of this thread is to help jumpstart the foundation by moving abandoned PPC to somewhere it will actually be used.

This is true, but it’s something we’d like to work on improving. The foundation for example can help us get our developers to crypto conferences where we can relay our message to others, something we haven’t done since 2014.

Are you seriously suggesting we colluded over a period of 4 years to setup this website and gather funds just so we can steal only 8-9k PPC? First off, that is a trivial amount of PPC. Second, Sigmike started this website all by himself. It predates the foundation by many years. Third, I can’t even believe you would suggest such a thing about a team of people who have been busting their asses for free to advance Peercoin for years now. I take offense to this. I want only for this project to gain the recognition that it deserves.

As mentioned above, most of the projects are obsolete, so there is little desire to even touch them now.

[quote=“Fuzzybear, post:16, topic:7840”]was the community welcoming to new developers?

I would like to think we were welcoming to you. We’re happy to get anyone involved that is capable and interested in helping out.

I believe our completed work will help with drawing in new talent. For years now we have had little to actually show off. PeerAssets and Indicium for example are large projects, but they are getting closer to reality every passing day. When people finally see what we’ve built in action, it will help to draw in developers interested in taking advantage of the new tech. You are welcome to try it out when we’re ready.


received a reply from @mably

that’s unfortunate, as I was fond of this project. hopefully, foundation makes better use of the funds raised.


Peercoin severely owes something to Fuzzybear for all the work he did… He legitimately has every right to lay a claim to the funds for the unpaid server, hosting, and countless hours he spent for many years.

It also shows good faith and respect for those that help us to allow them to recoup costs so they are not out of pocket for something we all used.

Going forward, it is like showing how funds raised are disbursed to those who deserve them.

In the future, our current contributors now, can also feel safe that should the time arise to reward and remember those who are currently part of the Peercoin Team, we’ll repeat this again.

Ignoring Fuzzybear’s request, and disregarding the work he did, would be very foolish on the community’s part.

We need to set a “past practice” precedent here.

Otherwise we set a bad example.

Listen closely to what he said:

…HE NEVER took from that fund, and legitimately asking. He’s due. At best, what we could do is ensure that Fuzzybear would let us know that his claim to compensation would be considered satisfied, and if he agrees, I think that’s a small price to pay, to thank him for what he did for us.