NuShares for sale

[quote=“Vitalicus, post:20, topic:2910”]WTF ?
I sent bitMessage at 4 AM,
Message recived at 4.51PM ? After 13 hours ?[/quote]

That’s the time it was succesfully delivered to jordan.

Edit: I’ve re-read the postings about bitmessage in this thread. Just to be clear: If jordan does not run his BM client and so doesn’t retrieve his messages, it won’t be acknowledged!
So maybe he just wasn’t running his client at the moment you send him the message.

[quote=“Vitalicus, post:20, topic:2910”]WTF ?
I sent bitMessage at 4 AM,
Message recived at 4.51PM ? After 13 hours ?

4 GB - downloaded
8 Gb - updated

BitMessage was not a good idea :([/quote]

Just in case Jordan reads this, Vitalicus did not tell you in his message how he’d be able to help NuBits succeed. I just wanted to vouch for him. He’s the one who originally created the ppcoin Facebook page. He also managed the Peercoin YouTube and Google+ account until I took control of them. Just wanted to make sure you know he has helped out, so he gets a chance to buy some shares…

I’d like to vouch for Sentinelrv. This delay from the BitMessage outages must be very frustrating for him. Let’s get him some shares! :slight_smile:

pennybreaker, Ben, Jordan
Pretty interested, but can’t get BM to run in order to continue our conversation.

Dave Carlson, CEO

Yes, I know; I was trying to be tongue-in-cheek about doing it wrong… I’ve tried BitMessage before, and it always strikes me as ridiculously inefficient. I understand the cost of privacy and pseudoanonymity, but 23 GB of traffic for a 1.2 KB message is just way too much. Plus, there is no incentive for running a full node beyond altruism. I’m going to have to shut mine down in a few days or I’ll get in trouble with my ISP.

A distributed storage and routing system like Freenet would make a lot more sense.[/quote]

I am derailing from the Post subject, but I think a solution could be provided on the Primecoin infra (that will give financial incentives to maintain a distributed network for data services)

Sorry for all the hassle with Bitmessage. I have been disappointed with it myself, especially the last two weeks. However, I don’t know of any other platform that offers the level of privacy it does, and shareholder privacy is of utmost importance to me. Though we have had people send messages we haven’t received, we seem to be getting around 80% of them. Hopefully the situation will return to how it was prior to two weeks ago.

I’m sorry that we can’t answer everyone as quickly as we would like. The oldest unanswered Bitmessage is currently less than 48 hours old. If you wrote before then and didn’t get a reply, I suggest you resend.

I just wanted to clarify some of the terms of NuShare sales:

[ol][li]The minimum purchase size of undistributed NuShares is 1,000,000, which cost 1800 NBT, though we also accept PPC and BTC. The intent is not to be exclusive, but rather to conserve scarce time resources.
[/li][li]We only sell NuShares to people we believe will be active in our community and active in improving and promoting the network. Because of the important role voting plays in our network, owning NuShares is not intended to be a casual or passive investment.[/li]
[li]If you perform work beneficial to the Nu network you can be paid in NuShares in any amount (the 1,000,000 minimum does not apply).[/li]
[li]The Peercoin community has an under representation of people who’s native language is not English and who are not US citizens or US residents. It is important that Nu be a well distributed international and multicultural network. We want people willing to translate and post information into languages other than English. As a result, being an active and articulate forum member willing to post about NuBits in a language other than English is generally enough to qualify to be a shareholder. Mandarin and Spanish are particularly valued.[/li]
[li]Finally, if you are still keen to get some NuShares but don’t think you will qualify for undistributed NuShares, they can of course be bought from anyone who possesses them. At this point in the development of the Nu network that is not healthy for the network, so I discourage it. But it is possible if your local jurisdiction permits such transfers.[/li][/ol]


I resend the message to your signature address. I speak Mandarin. If you cannot receive, could we use PM of this forum?

For privacy, TorChat software may be a choice. I used it 1 year ago. It can talk almost instantly, just need minutes to startup.

For anyone that believes this type of distribution is unfair, try reading this…

For what it is worth, there are messages coming through in my BM, but sometimes with approximately 2 days delay.

I'm sorry that we can't answer everyone as quickly as we would like. The oldest unanswered Bitmessage is currently less than 48 hours old. If you wrote before then and didn't get a reply, I suggest you resend.

My BM was acknowledged on Thu 25th 08:21pm JST.
Now is Sat 27th 10:27am JST.

I have not got yet the reply.
Wondering how much time the network would take to broadcast the message.

You are not likely to get an instant reply anyway as there is some processing time. The last time Jordan said it was 5 days, but he said he would catch up by now.
I guess it is best to allow up to 5 days before sending more messages.

I got his answer at 12:20pm jst today.
So within 40h from acknowledgement.

Good news! The spam attack has ended, according to my client. I think messages are being delivered quickly.

that is why i sent a pm instead, but no reply yet (even a rejection). :frowning:

Is there an alternative to Bitmessage to send a message to Jordan?

I am struggling to get a connection even thru the Tor network, my indicator stays red…forwarding ports doesn’t help either…

can I suggest you try cryptocat and see if that works?


[quote=“FuzzyBear, post:37, topic:2910”]can I suggest you try cryptocat and see if that works?


I’ve tried Cryptocat and works well, is a quick alternative to send encrypted messages

Jordan, just in case you never received my Bitmessage reply to your questions, I just wanted to let you know here. I sent them out either Thursday or Friday I believe, most likely Thursday. I’m only waiting on an amount and a payment address from you. Maybe you have already replied and I just didn’t receive it yet. Either way, I just wanted to let you know here that I did reply and I now have my wallets imported and am ready. I’ll be sending a second Bitmessage just in case it was lost the first time. If you already received the first one, just ignore my second message. If you already replied back with a payment address a couple days ago, maybe it was lost somehow. Anyway, just providing an update in case something went wrong with Bitmessage.

update here: