NuBits release date announcement

Last September I published a preliminary outline of the design for Peershares to the Peercoin community for review. In January, funding was finalized to accelerate the creation of Peershares and a specialized implementation of Peershares that I had designed. Since then, my team has been working hard every day to bring you this stunning innovation in decentralized finance. As the crypto-economy has experienced a slump in pricing, morale and interest, my highly talented team has consistently exhibited a phenomenal level of motivation and dedication to seeing our vision become a reality. We have worked together quietly until now, but that is about to change.

I’m proud to announce that our product, NuBits, will be available to the general public on September 23rd at 14:00 UTC. Complete details about our implementation will be available on Until then the site will display a countdown.

Our solution completely solves the volatility problem cryptocurrencies have experienced. It does so with zero counterparty risk using a decentralized network. Much of the network revenue will be delivered to shareholders in the form of Peercoins. The network is an exciting advance I am pleased to have the opportunity to unveil.

[sub]Good job everybody[/sub]

It might be prudent to purchase a little peercoin for the occasion? :smiley:

You bet your biscuits!

Congratulations guys! I can’t wait to see how the world reacts.

Feel so exciting to the official release of Nubits!

It is good to see that NuBits launch is now that close. It is time to shake the cryptocoin tree a bit 8)

It was worth the wait, trust me! :wink:

I’m game.

I guess its time to buy some PPC.

Great news for the depressed PPCers!

7 days, I feel I cannot wait. lol

Congratulations, Jordan, Smike, Ben and all the Nubits team, and all PPCers.

Time to buy PPC indeed. Selling 5 bitcoins to buy more PPC. Just look at the PPC/BTC all time rate:

It’s a year since PPC last traded that low against BTC. Totally undervalued :smiley:

So, when NuBits comes out, there will be something for sale, which will be returned to shareholders via Peercoins, do I have that right?

Also, great work, I’m very excited!

Great job.

i think that one of the major reasons for the bitcoin’s low demand right now is its volatility.
volatility is great for speculators but bad for users that want to store wealth.
if nubits can solve the problem of volatility for bitcoin, it would be a huge game changer.
since it involves no counterparty risk (contrary to bitsharesx which is not capable to solve the volality issue btw), we can speculate that there is no derivatives involved.
in other words, holding the “coin” is enough to help stabilize its price.

think about it.
volatility is also caused by speculators selling and buying the right quantity at the right time, to manipulate the price.
but since those speculators represent only a fraction of holders, we can regard that manipulation as a form of centralization since it does not represent the majority.
if we can somehow sum up the totality of “votes” to represent the majority, manipulation is not possible, and therefore volatility is erased.
so i speculate that nubits uses a form of proof of stake or proof of storage, in which the network is able to enforce the trustless computation of all users’s bid and ask price…

news posted around:

So I panic-bought 3000 PPC last night at the cost of 0.0017 BTC/PPC just after the release date was announced in FaceBook. PPC now trades at 0.00207 BTC/PPC. ;D

I can’t wait to see how it works, with some good marketing the NuBits innovation could really bring masses to Cryptos!

Sounds exciting! I’m trying to think about how I can speculate on NuBits: I guess since it pays dividends in PPC there should be some speculatory buying of PPC (obviously already happening… probably good for a 2x or 3x bump since the price is so low). But will NuBits support the PPC price long-term? Is NuBits a cryptocurrency in its own right? If so, how will it be distributed?

I’m also having a hard time thinking how the volatility issue is solved. The only way to have a stable price is to have a varying supply; the only attempt at this so far in the crypto-space is bitAssets in BitSharesX, which have been moderately successful so far (see, but still young and rough around the edges. I think I remember the NuBits team saying at some point that NuBits is completely different from BitSharesX. Are there any team members out there who would be interested in commenting on this?