Need Help, wallet error!

Today I tried to open PPC wallet, then 1 pop-up window came and it was mentioned there

, kindly suggest me what to do. I clicked Abort, restarted system, cleaned catch, did everything.

Got the solution via Telegram Group. In case anyone else is also facing this issue, remove rev* .dat files, blk* .dat file, and from index folder remove all files (Although I didnt removed them, just shifted them to another location). After this you can open your wallet and it’ll start synchronization with the network from the beginning.

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First of all, please don’t spam on several threads. Secondly, you can see the address in question here:

It is a very active address. Do you own this address? I don’t see the 31 ppc output referenced, so it looks like it was never sent.

The email you posted is a confirmation email. You have to click the confirmation link then wait for them to send the funds.

Either way, there’s not a lot anyone here can do. If you have continued problems, you’ll have to wait for a response from the exchange support.

Hello! I apologize for the spam! thanks for the answer, I will wait for the answer he exchanges!

Not all questions answered) the address PNDuEG7ZV9YXjdsCUWzUtfXUfnaYSXhQwFLogin is not mine, this is the address for the deposit on the site cryptogame,

The fact is that I made the withdrawal from the stock exchange at 21:20
Maybe I do not understand this, but it says that at that time the old nodes were disconnected.

My transaction could not get into this situation and get lost?