Minting on different addresses more profitable?

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it’s been a long time since I read this somewhere here so apologies that I can’t find the thread again but I remember reading a theory about that is being more efficient minting when you store several dozens of coins each on their respective address.

So for instance, when I own 10.000PPC it makes more sense to split those coins to different addresses and this increases my chance to mint blocks in the future. I read a few controversies about this now and just wanted to make sure I got the theory right and down before starting to mint on a large stake :slight_smile:

Thanks guys and looking forward for some replies :slight_smile:

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Hi Vyazhan,

Maybe I’m wrong, but as far as I understand your minting probability only depends on your individual transaction IDs, not on the address holding the coins. (c.f. FindstakeJS --> FindstakeSinglePage).

So if you’re holding 10K PPC, your can indeed split your coins to different transactions but not necessary to different adresses (i.e. you can just send these coins to your own address that will have the same results).

BTW, you don’t increase your chances, you just spread the chances. For example, if you have 50% chances to mint within 24h with 10K PPC, if you are able to reach the same coinage in total with 5K PPC + 5K PPC you have 25% + 25% chances to mint within 24h. You will receive the same reward in total for 10K PPC minted, you reward will come in smaller quantities but more often.

EDIT: btw, it is to be noted that your coinage stops after 90 days… so in fact you may want to adjust your transactions’ total amount of unspent coins accordingly. i.e. It’s best to have 10x5K PPC transactions than 50K transaction as it takes 30 days for the 50K transaction to reload its coinage after staking (so you have to wait 30 days until the next reward, and the PoS diff may vary in-between). Same problem happens if you split your coins in too little amounts: 10000x5PPC, none will ever stake at the current difficulty… and will be stuck at 90x5 coinage per transaction. Is anyone interested in calculating the ideal amount of coins to hold per transaction at the current difficulty to have the best compromise between a more frequent reward and minting probability?

EDIT2: Actually in any cases, if you split or not, you cannot earn more than 1%. The more you split the less you earn, but your earnings arrive more frequently, which is a good thing if you want to mint with a PoS difficulty averaged.

Therius is correct. You don’t increase your total gain, but your rewards come more evenly spaced instead of all at once.

I personally would not recommend splitting, because the act of splitting will restart your coin age. I think it’s better to mint with whatever you have.

Hello Thireus and thank you very much!

This is what I remember now, thank you for the re-enlightening :smiley:

Makes a lot of sense to me and it’s good to know before buying a lot of PPC at once instead of consistently buying more frequently in lesser amounts! Looking forward to play around with this and thanks for the warm welcome again Chronos as well!

All the best guys :slight_smile: